A Brand New Multiplayer Showdown Mode ‘Sport Of Kings’ Released For Red Dead Online

A Brand New Multiplayer Showdown Mode ‘Sport Of Kings’ Released For Red Dead Online
Credit: Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games announced some new additions to the multiplayer aspect of last year’s Red Dead Redemption 2. The next update will include a brand new showdown mode called “Sport of Kings,” which will give players new opportunities to face off against each other for unique awards and rank-ups.

The latest showdown mode, Sport of Kings, is a kind of horseback relay race with firearms and burning torches. Players will need to navigate the backcountry racetrack while carrying a burning torch to achieve victory. To win the showdown, the torchbearer will need to pass through all of the opposing team’s signal fires to score—but even before this, players will need to “seize” the torch before the other team does. Teams will consist of four to eight players equipped with sawed-off shotguns and the possibility to pick up single-shot dynamite bows to keep things interesting.

Each player will need to come with their best horsemanship if they want to walk away with a win.

The new showdown mode was not the only update made to the online game. Rockstar has also announced new clothing items for the Wheeler, Rawson, and Co. Catalogue that will drop later this week. More specifically, developers are offering up three new pieces of gear: the Strung Sombrero, Gibbston Pants, and an all-black Chuparosa Poncho. The sombrero will come in black, while the new pants will feature “hand-cut leather paneling and cross-stitched sides,” which the Rockstar website promises will be “perfect for town or trail.”

But new clothing isn’t all the team is serving up.

On top of the new game mode and accessories, Rockstar is having a promotional week to celebrate the occasion. For the next two weeks, all players will receive an additional 30% XP during gameplay and the opportunity to earn special care packages. The 30% XP boost will surely help players obtain the new goodies.

The first care package, which is available for players who achieve Rank 10 status, will include special arrows, bait, a powerful weapon, and Oleander. The other care package, available for players who rise to Rank 20 and beyond, will include provisions and big game meats that could give the player a gold health core.

Sport of Kings comes in the wake of last month’s update for Red Dead Online, which brought poker into the online game as well as new cooperative missions and free-roam game modes—on top of a whole host of other updates for the game.

Red Dead fans can likely continue to look forward to updates from Rockstar.