Harvest Moon: One World Begins To Introduce Its Marriage Candidates

Harvest Moon: One World Begins To Introduce Its Marriage Candidates
Credit: Nineverything via YouTube

Natsume has slowly been rolling out new information regarding its upcoming farming simulation game Harvest Moon: One World. Previously, the company introduced the male and playable female protagonists and were seeking suggestions for default names.

Recently, Natsume introduced the romanceable bachelors and bachelorettes on social media and on its website. The company has been announcing one candidate every week.

Harvest Moon: One World is an upcoming game from Natsume where players juggle farming, adventuring, and bonding with new friends. Players will set out on an adventure that will take them from a small village to a big world, including the fictional locations of Halo-Halo beach to the snowy mountains of Salmiakki.

The game has an all-new engine and graphics compared to previous installment of Natsume’s new Harvest Moon games. Although Natsume is known for localizing the Bokujo Monogatari series, the company has been developing its own line of farming simulation games using the same name.

The first candidate to be introduced is a cheerful fisherman named Kanoa. He lives in the oceanside village of Halo-Halo. Kanoa is known for being laid-back, which fits in well with the beach culture. However, as stated by Natsume, he might be a bit oblivious to what may seem obvious to others.

Kanoa’s character illustration also has him standing next to a bear. The bear isn’t mentioned in Kanoa’s description on social media or on the community blog, so it’s unknown what role the bear will have.

The second romance candidate is Malika, who lives in an oasis on the outskirts of her village Pastilla. The village has a hot and dry climate, but she loves being near the water. According to her character graphic, she loves nature and playing her lute. Malika isn’t the shy type and will tease the ones she cares about. Malika’s graphic has her standing beside a camel and wolf. The background images for the characters are all the same.

Harvest Moon: One World launches sometime this year on the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The exact release date is not yet known.