Harvest Moon: One World Release Date Pushed Back To March 2021 In North And South America

Harvest Moon: One World Release Date Pushed Back To March 2021 In North And South America
Credit: Nineverything via YouTube

Natsume has been preparing fans for the latest title in its Harvest Moon series. Harvest Moon: One World was initially scheduled to launch this year. However, the developer and publisher has now announced the game would be delayed until next year.

However, Natsume has confirmed the release date for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in both North and South America. The European release will launch via Rising Star Games a few days later. Preorders are available now with a bonus physical chicken plush.

Natsume also provided additional information about the upcoming game, plus new screenshots. Harvest Moon: One World, which is a continuation of the name only and unrelated to the Bokujo Monogatari franchise, is a new farming simulation game that takes place between multiple locations. They include the beaches of Halo Halo, mountains of Salmiakki, and their hometown base filled with a diverse cast of characters.

Similar to previous games, players will spend their days farming, tending to animals, getting to know their neighbors, participating in events, and much more. In the new title, the art of farming and many varieties of crops have been lost after the Harvest Goddess disappeared. She gave her knowledge to the Harvest Wisps so the information wouldn’t be lost forever.

Players will choose from one of two playable protagonists. With the knowledge of the Harvest Whisps, players will farm and raise crops. Throughout the game, players will get to unlock more crops, but only if the Harvest wisps make themselves known.

Building relationships is an important part of the game, and there are plenty of romance options. There are five eligible bachelorettes and five eligible bachelors for each playable character. Natsume has also begun to introduce the marriage candidates on their social media accounts and in blog posts. The introductions include an image of the character and a short biography.

The news post for the new release date mentions that COVID-19 may have played a role in the delay:

We know this is a little later than we’d originally forecast — the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted everyone in our world in many ways, and the video game industry has seen many of their standard practices shaken up by the “new normal.

Harvest Moon: One World launches in North and South America on March 3, 2021 for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The European release is scheduled for March 5.