PLAYISM Announces Special Game Show Ahead Of Tokyo Game Show 2020

PLAYISM Announces Special Game Show Ahead Of Tokyo Game Show 2020
Credit: PLAYISM via Twitter

Publisher PLAYISM has announced its hosting a special game show featuring indie titles. The show begins before the start of the Tokyo Game Show 2020 later this month. The PLAYISM event will feature several upcoming indie titles the publisher will release in the future. An English version of the event is planned, as well.

PLAYISM, which is stylized in all caps, is Japan’s oldest indie publisher. The company previously launched Bright Memory: Infinite, DEEEER Simulator, and Fight Crab in both Japanese and English. PLAYISM has also localized games for Japanese audiences, such as Subnautica, 2064: Read Only Memories, VA-11 Hall-A, and Necrobarista.

The PLAYISM Game Show will be hosted entirely online this year. Most companies are choosing to have online events due to COVID-19, but it also gives them another opportunity to present to international fans. The event will contain news of unreleased titles coming to next-gen systems, plus commentary from President of Gearbox Publishing Steve Gibson. PLAYISM previously worked with Gibson for the release on Subnautic.

Those who watch the steam can also take part in a special gift giveaway to celebrate the inaugural stream of the PLAYISM Game Show. More details regarding the giveaway and the gift will be announced in the future closer to the event.

During major gaming events, indie developers are often missed. They may only depend on social media to help share their games. Indie publisher PLAYISM plans on helping indie developers get more attention.

Regarding the announcement, Shunji Mizutani, Executive Producer, PLAYISM, stated:

There are games created by one person, or by small teams, simply because the creators wanted to. They are created because of the passion of these people towards their art. This passion is not something that can be imitated with huge budgets and large teams. These are the games that we have supported for almost a decade. These, are Indie Games.

The Tokyo Game Show will be held entirely online from September 23 to 27. Because of the current COVID-19 situation, it was announced earlier this year that the event would not be held in-person. However, this will allow players from across the globe to see announcements from companies without being at the event.

The PLAYISM Game Show occurs on YouTube on September 21, at 6:00 pm PDT, and is expected to run around two hours.