Child Raising Game Chinese Parents Prepares To Launch On The Nintendo Switch Tomorrow

Child Raising Game Chinese Parents Prepares To Launch On The Nintendo Switch Tomorrow
Credit: Chinese Parents via Nintendo

Publisher Coconut Island Games and developer Moyuwan Games have announced the release date for their child-raising simulator game Chinese Parents on the Nintendo Switch. The game was previously released on Steam in 2018, with an English and Japanese language localization one year later. Although the game launched only in the Chinese language at first, it was quite popular upon release.

The Nintendo Switch port comes a year after the game was released in English. A trailer from Playism showcases some of the features of the upcoming Switch port from the child’s perspective. The game will mostly be the same as the previous releases.

Chinese Parents is a casual life simulation game where players have eighteen years to make their parents proud. The game takes place from the child’s first day after being born until the day of the Gaokao exams. Players are born into an ordinary Chinese family as either a boy or girl, with a different experience for each one.

Parents will have the choice of how to raise their child. They can take a hardline approach and be extremely strict parents by lecturing their children for making a single mistake or allow them a stress-free life. These decisions will have a major impact on the child, as they can grow up to be extremely disciplined or rebel.

There are plenty of extra activities for players to take part in during their childhoods. Players increase their stats by playing the “Fragment” mini-game. This is how the protagonist can learn new skills and continue to improve themselves as they gro up. There are additional mini-games as well, such as defeating the annoying neighbors in “Face Duel” or respectfully competing with relatives in “Red Pocket.”

The game also focuses on friendships and dating. There are 14 romanceable characters. Getting to know these characters over time may lead to long-term plans after graduating.

Successfully completing the GaoKao exams and graduating high school is an important part of the game. Depending on the player’s choices, they’ll have the option to turn their school interests into something more. Players have more than 100 career endings where they could land their dream job or end up in an average job.

The decisions players make will roll over into the next playthrough. There are generations of characters to create and play. Children in future generations can benefit from the first child’s success or end up struggling for more.

Chinese Parents is a one-player game that’s around 452 MB to download. Language options include English, Japanese, and Chinese. There is no additional DLC.

Chinese Parents is available now on PC. The Nintendo Switch port will be available as a digital download on August 20.