What’s Coming In The Frostpunk: On The Edge DLC Later This Week? The Third And Final Update

What’s Coming In The Frostpunk: On The Edge DLC Later This Week? The Third And Final Update
Credit: 11 Bit Studios via YouTube

Frostpunk’s next (and last) DLC is called On The Edge and it releases on August 20th. The game’s previous update, The Last Autumn, was a prequel to the main storyline. 11 Bit Studios have announced that this is the last update the game will receive.

On The Edge follows up on where the game ended and provides a conclusion to the overarching story of Frostland. You are in control of an outpost on the outskirts of New London and have found something extremely interesting.

Set in a wild outpost on the outskirts of New London, you must deal with the new challenges of reporting to your supervisor in the city while also delivering all the precious finds to their doorstep.

That is until one day, an alternate food source is discovered out there on the snowy plains, a food source that might save your people. It provides what you need to start out on your own. You won’t be alone.

Frostland will feel more connected than ever. Multiple settlements are dotted around the landscape, and each one can be interacted with, setting up trade routes and seeking friendship. Trade Routes are built with a new unit in the game, the Construction Team.

The new settlements introduce a bunch of new relationship mechanics, too. Trading, diplomacy, favor and general improvements will change the way you interact with the world.

As well as new ways to interact with the game there are 16 brand new areas on the map with additional lore. More story has also been added to older areas on the map so there is a lot more to discover out there.

City changes have also been introduced, with new structures and technologies to work towards. These will likely be closely linked to the denser, more connected Frostland.

Lastly, On The Edge will add in 25 minutes of brand new music from Piotr Musiał to continue to build on the lore and atmosphere of the game.

Unfortunately, this is the final update to Frostpunk. The game has received 3 major DLCs in its lifespan, which started back in April 2018. With the surprise announcement that the game will no longer be receiving DLCs, the community is asking for better mod support to keep the game alive into the future.