Masketeers: Idle Has Fallen Now Available For Pre-Registration On Mobile

Masketeers: Idle Has Fallen Now Available For Pre-Registration On Mobile
Credit: Masketeers Official Website

Appxplore (iCandy) Ltd has announced the upcoming release of its idle RPG Masketeers: Idle Has Fallen on mobile. The game features orb icon matching gameplay with a cast of diverse mask-wearing characters.

The Masketeers are a group of fighters who fight to rid the world of wraiths. These creatures feed off of negative emotions. Players will continue through the idle RPG and meet new Masketeers. Players can collect additional powerful masks to receive blessings from the guardians and unlock the latent abilities of each character.

The gameplay features strategic orb matching. The more players chain orb combos, the more powerful versions of attacks will be unleashed onto enemies. Players can also unlock the Wisps, powerful allies that boost battle abilities and increase characters’ fortitude to defend against attacks.

The developer has also announced a special ongoing pre-registration campaign on both iOS and Android before the game launches in October. The official website showcases some of the rewards players have unlocked so far. Only players who pre-register before the game launches will receive the rewards.

So far, over 15,000 players have pre-registered on iOS and Android. The first unlockable reward is for 200 crystals at 50,000 pre-registrations. At 500,000, a special costume of Caine will be unlocked.

The official website has animated images of some of the characters appearing in the game. The confirmed roster includes Caine, Pixie, Coro, Falcon, Titan, and Nightingale. There are two unknown characters who have not yet been revealed.

The official social media accounts have been active as the developer prepares to launch the game. There are several short videos that showcase how to play the game, as well as any upcoming updates. The community has also been busy preparing fanart and other content to express their excitement for the upcoming game.

The game has been in Early Access earlier this year in some locations. Players had the opportunity to play the game before its worldwide launch. Unfortunately, any process gained during the Early Access version was reset.

The game has a special message of overcoming the negativity in society today. The official website states:

Through the game’s setting, we want to convey that one is never alone when facing the negativity in society today.

Masketeers: Idle Has Fallen launches on iOS and Android on October 6.