Going Under Is A Satirical Dungeon Crawler Set To Release September 24th

Going Under Is A Satirical Dungeon Crawler Set To Release September 24th
Credit: Team17 via YouTube

Going Under from Aggro Crab is probably one of the more unique dungeon crawling experiences that you’ll find in recent memory. It features a lot of satire about failed startup tech companies, which you’ll have the pleasure of learning more about.

Even more interesting is the fact that what’s left of these startups are cursed ruins. You’ll move through them taking down cursed employees that you come in contact with.

It’s a unique idea that players will get to experience here pretty shortly, according to an official release date trailer. It gives us a September 24th release, which is right around the corner.

The procedurally-generated environments aren’t typical for a dungeon crawler. Rather than incorporating dark cave-like elements, Going Under is coated with vibrant color. The visuals instantly stand out and make this game unique for this space.

Don’t let the tranquil visuals mislead you, though. Beneath your company’s headquarters are cursed employees that want nothing more than to bash you with make-shift office supplies. You’ll have to tread lightly and be on guard the entire time.

What’s unique about Going Under is almost everything you see can be used as a weapon. That includes brooms, computer equipment, and even pillows. You’ll have to be careful though. These unorthodox weapons can break at any time so you have to be ready to switch at a moment’s notice.

It’s also important to choose your weapons carefully as different items will help in certain situations. There is thus plenty of strategy involved, despite this game being classified as a dungeon-crawler.

Players will get to assume the role of an intern, who’s just fond out that the company they work for is going under — quite literally. Startups that don’t cut it fall down below the surface and quickly become cursed.

In addition to defeating monster employees, you’ll go head to head with bosses that were profiting off of innocent bystanders just trying to earn a decent living. There is thus plenty of motivation to take them down any way you can.

The further you progress, the more skills you’ll be able to learn through the cafe. There are also plenty of interesting characters to talk to and help out for extra bonuses.

Going Under is a pretty original concept that looks like a blast to play for hours. Only a couple of more weeks before gamers can learn more about the origins of Fizzle and how this startup became what it is now.