Taisho x Alice Episode 2 Featuring Kagura And Gretel Now Available On Steam

Taisho x Alice Episode 2 Featuring Kagura And Gretel Now Available On Steam
Credit: Taisho and Alice 2 via Steam

Publisher Pencil and developer Primula have announced the next chapter of their otome romance visual novel game Taisho x Alice. Episode two will focus on two new romanceable characters Kaguya and Gretel.

Taisho x Alice is a visual novel that brings together famous characters from fairy tales and other short stories across the world. The visual novel transforms many of the protagonists into romanceable male characters. The protagonist is in charge of “saving” her Prince Charming.

The game begins with the protagonist losing her memory and feeling lost. She meets a human version of Alice, who tries to help her. Alice introduces the heroine into the world beyond the looking glass. From there, the heroine meets a variety of characters. At the end of the Prologue, players can choose the character they wish to romance further.

With the latest chapter, players will now have more story routes to choose from. In normal visual novel fashion, there is no additional action-style gameplay. Players follow along with the story and then make important decisions at key moments. The decisions will branch into other paths and lead to one of the endings.

Taisho x Alice Episode 2 introduces Kaguya and Gretel. Both characters were initially written as females in their short stories, but are now romanceable male characters in this visual novel.

Kaguya is based on Princess Kaguya of Japanese folklore. According to is character description, a dramatic breakup occurs at the cafe where the heroine works. A handsome man named Kaguya asks if she wants to date, to which she agrees. He’s everything she could have dreamed for except that he’s homeless. From the first day of dating, the couple moves in together. The story unfolds from there.

Gretel is based on the fairy tale Hansel and Gretel. The story begins with the heroine waking up in a log cabin. She has everything she needs, except for the fact that the log cabin is her prison. Her captor is her “younger brother,” Gretel. His motives are unknown. It’s up to the heroine to somehow make it out alive and find out why Gretel would do this.

Previously released in Episode 1 were the romance storylines for Cinderella and Red Riding Hood. The episode is still available for now for those who want to begin playing before the next episode.

Taisho x Alice Episode 2 is now available on PC via Steam.