Postknight 2 Mobile Game Seeking Private Alpha Testing Participants

Postknight 2 Mobile Game Seeking Private Alpha Testing Participants
Credit: Postknight via Twitter

Developer Kurechii previously announced the sequel to Postknight, Postknight 2. The game has been in development since last year. Similar to the initial game, Postknight 2 is an RPG title with idle gameplay.

In the past few months, Kurechii has been revealing gameplay and more on its official YouTube channel. The game is ready for initial testing before it launches on mobile in the future, but the developer is seeking testers.

Anyone interested in being a beta tester can head to Kurechii’s website and fill out a Google form expressing interest. The slots may fill out fast, but interested testers shouldn’t worry. There are plans for multiple opportunities to try out the game before its final launch.

Players can also stay up to date about when the next rounds begin by joining Kurechii’s official Discord server. The developer also has active social media accounts.

Anyone who signs up will need to be an active participant and give honest, thorough feedback. This will help the developer resolve any issues, add suggestions, and ensure a positive experience for others once the game is out.

The first testing round will take place on October 22 and end on November 22. Chosen participants will receive an invitation email. Anyone who signs up is encouraged to keep checking their email in case they get invited at a later date.

Participants should also make sure they can devote themselves to testing on either iOS or Android. It’s unlikely they’ll get to switch back and forth to test after being accepted.

Postknight 2 is set a few years after the first game. Players can choose a male or female playable protagonist, visit new locations, meet new people, and collect a variety of new items. The game was designed for players on the go, who can’ always actively play a game at one time. Players can check their devices occasionally to collect items and progress through the game.

Players will get to customize their characters with different hairstyles, emotions, and more. The game will also offer two new types of weapons: hammers and daggers. It’s up to the player of how they want to explore the world of Prism.

There’s currently no information on when Postknight 2 will launch, but it’s coming sometime this year for iOS and Android.