A New Digimon Mobile Game Has Been Released, Find Your Personal Bond In Digimon ReArise

A New Digimon Mobile Game Has Been Released, Find Your Personal Bond In Digimon ReArise
Credit: Bandai Namco

With every new generation of Pokemon, it is inevitable that Digimon rushes back to the spotlight. The two have been competing for years, but one major difference is within the game’s core story. In the latest Digimon game, Digimon: ReArise, you must collect and train colorful creatures and strengthen your bonds of friendship with the monsters within.

This game is available on iOS and Android devices. It is fairly easy to progress through the game’s combat using the auto-battle feature, but the true challenge is in team cohesion. As you evolve your Digimon from cute balls of fluff into humanoid figures wielding rocket launchers, you quickly learn the power needed to battle through the digital world.

The game begins with your virtual pet, the hedgehog-style Digimon named Herrissmon, appears in the real world. You both encounter spirals, aggressive echoes from normally friendly Digimon, and must fight them in turn-based combat.

You are not alone in the digital world as you meet other trainers and investigate the spirals to try and find the cause. It is up to you to find out why the digital and human worlds are being mashed together. This is a fairly standard Digimon storyline with the same colorful characters as before. Although there seems to be some new Digimon in the ranks, a majority are from the last season of the series.

The story is played through a series of alternating battles against groups of enemies and visual-novel-style cutscenes. You raise and collect the Digimon, which is the goal of the game, and battle through the many adventures that await you.

It would not be a Japanese game without its gacha mechanics. You can use in-game currency or hatch from eggs many Digimon and, of course, you can purchase additional Digimon using real-world money.

The Digimon require some extra work to take care of. You must feed, train, level, and digivolve the many Digimon under your care. You can earn materials through events and battles that are used to help in equipping your many Digimon. On the bright side, eggs take time and can only be sped up with the in-game currency.

Bonding with Digimon requires you to pay attention to their food preferences. Aside from growing them, you can enhance them, which will raise their level cap and enable evolution trees. This is all the things fans love from Digimon mixed into a mobile game.

This game is available on both iOS and Android devices. You can download them at no cost and enjoy a new adventure in the Digimon world.