Opera GX Gets New Update That Allows Users to Add Dark Mode For Pristine Gaming Along with Discord Support

Opera GX Gets New Update That Allows Users to Add Dark Mode For Pristine Gaming Along with Discord Support
Credit: Opera Limited

Have you ever heard of Opera GX? Hopefully, you have, especially when it’s regarded as the world’s first gaming browser! It was first announced after E3 2019, and one year into its creation, Opera GX is dishing out major updates ahead of its anniversary.

Among its recent update is the Universal Dark Mode, and this isn’t new to browsers. For instance, Google Chrome has solutions that help transform its browser into a dark mode but usually comes with extensions and theme functionality.

Opera GX also comes with some resource management tools that seemingly overtake Google Chrome. For instance, Opera GX seems to save memory while browsing the net, but Google Chrome consumes so much regularly.

One of its new feature called ‘Hot Tabs Killer’ shows the stats of the most intensive tab currently running so that you can identify the ones consuming much space so you can hit the ‘Hot Tabs Killer’ button.

That’s not all. It also comes with an unlimited VPN for your gaming. Cool right?

According to the USP:

Opera GX comes with a set of features tweaked to the specific needs of people who love computer games. The browser is the only one to take care of the way the browser affects the functioning of the entire machine: Opera GX allows users to make it less resource-hungry by setting a limit to the amount of CPU and RAM used by the browser, as well as to the network bandwidth.

Users can also adjust the highlight colors of the browser, which is integrated with Razer Chroma and will match the highlight colors of the peripherals to the colors of the browser. The browser also includes video pop-out, a feature that lets people display online videos on top of other webpages and even on top of a game for some gameplay support.

Apart from its unique features, Opera GX also has all the features known from the main Opera browser. These include a free built-in browser VPN, ad blocker, as well as Workspaces – a tool for better tab grouping according to the topic.

There are more for us gamers… asides from the support it has for Facebook, Twitch, Instagram, and other social media platforms, the browser just added in native Discord support. How awesome is that?

You can easily access the complete Discord client fully via a tab on the sidebar. Note, the Discord integration also comes with voice chat support.

Finally, if you’re already running Opera GX and would like to get the newest upgrade, then visit opera://update on the Opera GX browser to install the newest client update. Or you can download the newest client update on Opera’s GX official webpage.