Minecraft Live: Live On the Minecraft YouTube Channel And Offers Some Interesting Information

Minecraft Live: Live On the Minecraft YouTube Channel And Offers Some Interesting Information
Credit: Minecraft Live on YouTube

Minecraft is an incredibly popular game featuring up to 132 million active monthly players. It features some interviews with developers and content creators that asked a variety of questions about both Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons.

The Pre-stream show showed not only the community but also a fantastically cute animation featuring the baby zombie riding on a chicken. This show had various content creators showing how important Minecraft has been to them and how it has radically changed their life!

Minecraft Live did officially state that the next large feature update would be the Caves and Cliffs Update. The developers of Minecraft announced this update at the beginning of the show, which states how much content will be available during this show.

They also have on various content creators that had questions about the new update; the first content creator shown was a YouTube and Facebook Gaming creator by the name of AkimGames. His question was a simple one, but an effective one is the “Why did it take so long for the cave update?”

Agnes stated that they had spent the time to make sure that the Caves and Cliffs Update is as perfect as possible, and even hired new developers.

The second creator question was by ThePinkDiamondDiva, and her question was another incredibly important one, is this new update going to make caves easier for new players or more intricate and tough for veteran players.

The answer was a bit of both; they want to retain the older caves and significantly changed and more challenging for veteran players.

This new update will add more than just a new terrain generation, but a new cave biome called the Lush Caves, which offers vegetation and flowers even while underground, significantly changing how the players might see these smaller sections of the caves.

The Poll for the Next Minecraft character was live on the official Minecraft twitter, where a poll had the three options. The three options are the Iceologer, the Moobloom, and the Glow Squid, all of which come from various Minecraft properties, including Minecraft Earth and Minecraft Dungeons.

Go to either the Official Minecraft YouTube Channel or follow this link to watch all of the Minecraft Live, which should also become a recorded video to view at anyone’s leisure.