Game Reveals and Protests: Here’s What Gamers Should Expect At This Weekends Blizzcon 2019

Game Reveals and Protests: Here’s What Gamers Should Expect At This Weekends Blizzcon 2019
Credit: Blizzard Entertainment via YouTube

Blizzcon 2019 is finally here as pregame festivities start today. Then, Blizzcon will officially get underway and will take place on Friday and Saturday. Blizzcon is a gaming convention taking place at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California, and it is put on by game developer Blizzard Entertainment.

There hasn’t been a shortage of buzz around the fan convention. In the recent week alone, there have been leaks covering game announcements and protests organized.

Here is what to expect with Blizzcon 2019.

Games Reveals:

Overwatch 2

Earlier this week, ESPN reported that Overwatch 2 was all but guaranteed to be announced at Blizzcon. ESPN was able to get a hold of training materials for the event that revealed Overwatch 2 literature. They also confirmed the Overwatch 2 announcement with a source from Blizzard.

Expect Blizzard to make the announcement at Blizzcon.

Diablo 4

There have been a few leaks associated with Diablo 4 this week. Last night a Reddit user posted a comment with information about the mechanics and story of Diablo 4, as well as stating that Diablo 4 will be a lot like Diablo 2.

Other leaks include an artwork leak of the massive baddie Lilith as well as a German magazine advertisement blunder.German magazine advertisement blunder.German magazine advertisement blunder.

As these are all leaks, it’s still not one hundred percent confirmed that Diablo 4 is coming.

However, fans should expect to hear the Diablo 4 announcement at Blizzcon.

World of Warcraft (WoW):

At the start of the week, another Reddit user posted a picture of an apparent merchandise advertisement made for Blizzcon. The ad for WoW merchandise portrayed the notorious Lich King as well as the logo, World of Warcraft: Shadowlands.

Shadowlands was already hinted at this summer when a leak via 4chan came out showing new zone images and the World of Warcraft: Shadowlands logo.

WoW fans can expect to hear the announcement of the new expansion, Shadowlands.

Gamers can check out the official Blizzcon schedule on their website. They can also download the official Blizzcon app:


It will not all be fun and games at the gaming convention. Fans can also expect protests to go on during the event.

Earlier this month, Blizzard banned a Hearthstone Grandmasters player, Chung “Blitzchung” Ng Wai, when he stated a pro-Hong Kong sentiment during an Asia-Pacific tournament. He was banned for one year from playing in Blizzard-sponsored tournaments, like Hearthstone Grandmasters, as well as having his prize earnings withheld.

After mass amounts of backlash, Blizzard reduced his banning to six months and returned his prize earnings.

However, many fans are still outraged about Blizzard’s seemingly pro-China stance, and censorship of Blitzchung. Protests have been organized via the Gamers for Freedom campaign created by Fight for the Future.

The campaign has scheduled an in-person protest on Friday, and will take place at noon outside the convention center.

For better or for worse, Blizzcon a must-see event:

Blizzcon 2019 will have it all, from exclusive announcements about beloved games, to protests rallying against a more serious note of censorship by game companies.

If fans are interested in, click here to learn more about how to get in-person and virtual tickets, as well as additional logistics about the event.