Gamers For Freedom Campaign Launched By Fight For The Future To Take On Blizzard For Hong Kong Controversy

Gamers For Freedom Campaign Launched By Fight For The Future To Take On Blizzard For Hong Kong Controversy
Credit: Amine M'Siouri via Pexels

Fight for the Future, an internet rights watchdog organization, has just launched a campaign against Blizzard, citing recent freedom of speech violations.

The campaign is called Gamers for Freedom, and it is aimed at online companies stifling gamers who talk publicly about controversial issues.

The petition on their website states: “Free expression is a fundamental human right, but companies like Blizzard and Riot are silencing gamers who speak up about “sensitive issues” like their own political oppression.”

The Gamers for Freedom Campaign is planning multiple protests, including an online protest on October 29, and an in-person protest at Blizzcon (Blizzards annual fan event) on November 1.

So why are they rallying against Blizzard?

Blizzard has been taking massive backlash over its decision to ban Chung Ng Wai, known as Blitzchung, from eSports events for a year. During a post-game interview, Blitzchung said a pro-Hong Kong statement, and right after, Blizzard punished him. They initially forced him to return his prize winnings as well.

With all the backlash from fans and government entities, Blizzard has returned the earnings and reduced the length of Blitzchung’s suspension.

Who is Fight for the Future?

Fight for the Future is an American non-profit organization that acts as a protector of fundamental civil rights on the internet. They seek out injustices online concerning technology and regulation. When they find a cause they deem worth fighting for, they mobilize online users through campaigns.

Some of the Fight for the Future’s campaigns have been ground breaking.

They organized the most significant online protest ever back in 2012. It was an internet-wide strike against web censorship. The strike was launched because of bills, Stop Online Privacy Act (SOPA) and Protect IP Act (PIPA), that were introduced into the US House of Representatives and into the United States Senate. The bills ended up being defeated with a huge thanks going to Fight for the Future.

A more recent claim to fame is their Battle for the Net campaign, which mobilized around four million people to contact the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which led to the development of crucial net neutrality rules.

Fight for the Future is a legit organization, and with their track record, it may put a lot of stress on Blizzard. Having a protest during Blizzcon will be sure to get a lot of their fans talking about the controversy as well. Will Blizzard try and defuse the situation with Fight for the Future, or will Blizzard stick with their decision to punish gamers for their speech. Only time will tell!