Code Vein 1.10 Update Adds Halloween Goodies And Bug Fixes

Code Vein 1.10 Update Adds Halloween Goodies And Bug Fixes
Credit: Bandai Namco via Youtube

Bandai Namco Entertainment’s Code Vein was launched less than one month ago, but new content continues to roll out. Bandai recently announced the 1.10 update that adds new content and fixes some bugs.

The world of Code Vein takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting, and the developers have added new fun Halloween-themed accessories. There is now plenty more to choose from the Character Creator to get the player in the Halloween mood.

The cosmetic updates include Halloween-themed color palettes and face paints. There are also new accessories with adjusted costs.

The hair options were also updated. There’s a new function to allow parts of the hair to have left or right symmetry.

All of the character creation data is available at the camp.

Cosmetic changes may seem small, but help to make characters more unique. In the stylish world of Code Vein, part of the fun is creating a unique character that stands out in the dreary post-apocalyptic landscape.

For gamers uninterested in cosmetic content, gameplay updates were included that affect exploration and battle. While exploring, the radar mini-map now features a direction lock. For those who prefer quiet exploration, the developer has added an option to turn off conversations.

During the battle, a pop-up message will now appear when the player has been hit with a status effect. Some potentially annoying visual effects, like damage screen effects, can now be toggled on or off.

Code Vein has only been out a short time, but many have completed multiple playthroughs. New Game+ never got any easier until now. Gamers who have completed the game at least once will now see a new option for New Game+. Instead of playing at a harder difficulty by default, the user can opt to reduce the intensity of the gameplay.

Other system updates include changing Buddies at the Mistle and a few adjustments to item icons.

There are a few bug fixes to improve gameplay, including adjusted battle effects, enemy movement, and other minor issues.

These bug fixes may seem small but are in response to some of the issues gamers had when the game initially launched. Since the game was just released in September, there are sure to be more updates in the future.

The Code Vein 1.10 update is now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC players.