Infinity Ward Releases Patch For Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare, Alleviating Crashing Of Xbox One X Consoles

Infinity Ward Releases Patch For Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare, Alleviating Crashing Of Xbox One X Consoles
Credit: Call of Duty Via Youtube

Infinity Ward, a subsidiary of Activision, is working overtime fixing problems with the launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

The newest addition to the popular shooter franchise Call of Duty launched today, October 25, for PC, Play Station 4 and Xbox One. And
like most highly anticipated launches, there are some hiccups.

For starters, many players could not log on due to server overloading, which is a fairly common issue for release nights of highly anticipated games. Modern Warfare is viewed by many as the most anticipated game of the year. It is not a rare occurrence when there are server issues with a popular game right off the bat. Mass numbers of people want to play as soon as it comes out, and the servers haven’t been built to sustain that kind of traffic.

An example of a recent server nightmare was the August release of World of Warcraft: Classic. Players who purchased the game and tried to play right at launch had to wait hours to get onto a server. If a player queued to play on a popular server, it could have taken over ten hours to start playing.

A less common launch day issue is players dealing with their Xbox One X hard-crashing on them. Many gamers have come out expressing their console issues all over the internet. Reddit boards have been flooded with unhappy customers, some frustrated, and some panicked.

Infinity Ward has worked around the clock since the launch. They have released a patch to counter issues players have been dealing with. The title update’s first fix addresses the crashing. It states that backend fixes have been made to prevent crashing for all platforms.

Here is a tweet from Infinity Ward mentioning the title update with a link to a Reddit board with all the patch notes.

The crashes have only been linked to Xbox One X consoles.

The hard-crash players are dealing with is essentially their Xbox One X turning off on itself. It’s sparked by Modern Warfare freezing and the player trying to quit out of the campaign or match that they’re in.

This isn’t the first occasion a Call of Duty game has caused hysteria for players. Recently, In Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, gamers dealt with crashing and bugs as well.

It looks like things are running as smooth as they can be for Modern Ware players at the moment. Hopefully, this will be the end of hard-crashing for players and everyone to get back to enjoying the release.