Elements of Diablo IV Leaked As Part of Recent Blizzard Leaks

Elements of Diablo IV Leaked As Part of Recent Blizzard Leaks
Credit: SEGAClownboss via YouTube

Those looking forward to Blizzcon got a bit of a treat earlier today as a few tidbits of information hit the internet in what seemed to be a small leak of information. Keep in mind that all of these are rumors, so don’t take what you read in this leaks as gospel – but it certainly seems legit!

Diablo IV has been spoken about in hushed whispers practically since the release of Diablo III back in 2012. The last few years have seen Blizzard seemingly focusing less on a fourth installment and more on them porting Diablo III to every possible avenue that it could be played on, with it having now recently hit the Nintendo Switch. Other than that, we’re all familiar with the infamous flub of 2018’s Diablo news when the mobile game Diablo: Immortal was announced instead of a Diablo IV, prompting the “Do you guys not have phones?” meme.

In terms of the leak, Blizzard recently sent copies of the Diablo IV art book to major gaming news sites like Wowhead. These books had pages missing that would spoil events or surprise players with an unexpected twist. Apparently, someone found some of those lost pages and have been showing them off. These were mostly WoW-based leaks with the Diablo leak being relatively minor – so far.

The page, shared here, shows the hinted return of Lillith, an enemy from Diablo II and a massive, massive lore figure. In fact, the Diablo universe wouldn’t exist without Lillith’s lore, whose actions eventually gave birth to the race of Nephalem and humanity, while also creating the plane of Sanctuary for humanity (and all players) to live in. An incredibly powerful and ancient demon, her inclusion in the game could lead to some interesting quests and events indeed.

Despite being the mother of humanity and creator of Sanctuary, don’t expect her return to be a joyous one. Lillith is the Queen of Succubi and daughter of the Lord of Hatred, and will almost certainly not be allied with the player. To quote the leaked page, “the mother of Sanctuary will come back to her children, and it shall be a great and terrible day for them all.” More than likely, she’ll be another creature there for players to murder endlessly in hopes of getting the right gear to drop.

With Blizzcon coming up, more information on Diablo IV might finally arrive as well, including clarification or dismissal of the leaks thus far.