Carrion Receives A Demo Demo On Steam Allowing You An Early Chance To Become The Monster In The Darkness

Carrion Receives A Demo Demo On Steam Allowing You An Early Chance To Become The Monster In The Darkness
Credit: Devolver Digital Via Steam XO

Carrion describes itself as a reverse horror game where you are the creature hidden in the shadows. You stalk and consume those who have imprisoned you as you slowly creep your way to freedom. This game flips the standard experience on its head and makes you the monster, which is really killer.

The game released its demo on Steam and made it available during E3. Fans have described it as a fun game but also super unsettling. In standard Devolver Digital fashion, you experience the game in a blood-spattered pixel art style. There is tons of blood in this game, but that is what comes when you are the monster.

You are a massive amorphous blob with grasping hungry and angry tentacles. You climb ceilings, squeeze through pipes, destroy doors and of course, tear apart and devour any people you encounter. As you eat, you gain mass, and as you gain mass, you gain more special abilities.

If you are kept at a small size, you gain the ability to shoot mucus-like cobwebs at enemies and pin them in a spot. If you ger bigger, you replace this ability with short dashes and other functions that focus on your large form. You deal more damage the bigger you are.

The game feels like similar survivor pixel experiences. It has almost a Metroidvania feel as you will backtrack with new abilities or find new ways past previous challenges. You must make sure you manage your size in this kind of experience as your abilities are directly tied to it. If you are not the right size, you may not fit through the door needed to continue your rampage of revenge.

Your enemies are skilled at handling monsters like you. Through fire or a never-ending stream of bullets, they can quickly diminish your mass if you are not careful. This creates a beautiful dynamic of being a powerful monster while still being vulnerable to gutsy decisions.

Although simply a Demo, the game is already making big waves. It is destined for a full release sometime in 2020, but fans are already saying the game will be a massive hit. The change in perspective is refreshing, and the absolute carnage you can cause will be a time to remember.

If you are interested in this game, you can easily download it on Steam right now for a free demo. The game is planned for a PC and Console release but details as to which consoles have not been announced so far.