Black Desert Halloween Update Brings Tons Of Tricks And Treats To Players Allowing Them To Celebrate The Spookiest Time Of The Year

Black Desert Halloween Update Brings Tons Of Tricks And Treats To Players Allowing Them To Celebrate The Spookiest Time Of The Year
Credit: Pearl Abyss

As with every update for Black Desert Online, the Halloween event has been live for several days giving players a chance to enjoy some spooky treats and scary bosses. This update really embraces the Halloween spirit, rewarding players with some new tricks and tasty in-game treats along with limited items.

Your reward is completely based on your participation. You can gain Halloween coins, candy baskets, and cookies just by playing. These items can be exchanged for Halloween gift boxes. Inside these boxes is event loot that can boost your character’s skills and equipment.

Black Desert Online is going further than simply automated events. They have given their GMs special Golden Bells that give players an experience boost. You have to chase them down during special times and beat them in combat for a special reward of these bells. The event information will be server-based with different start times for each server.

If you gain any Candy Baskets or Cookies, you can exchange these for special items, including Kzarka’s Sealed Weapon Box, Advice of Valks, Giath’s helmet, and Red Noses’ armor. You can also exchange Halloween coins for items, including Fine Accessory Box, Sharp Black Crystal Shard, and Cron Stone.

Black Desert Online has done a great job creating unique events for the holidays. Most MMOs have gained a reputation for recycled events, but it seems that Pearl Abyss has the right direction in mind for fans. A fan’s first philosophy shows great preparation and what looks to be a massive fun event.

There will be the return of Black Desert’s infamous Isabella, the Black Witch. The spawning is at a fixed time in-game, and adventurers will have to work together for even a chance to defeat her. Her health is shared among all the servers, so it will be a community effort to defeat the queen.

If you do manage to take her down, you will gain special items only available during this limited-time event. The items include the Witch’s Bloody Brooch, Halloween Gift Box, Pumpkin Gift Box, Silver, and much more.

Black Desert Online is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and mobile devices. The game can be purchased for $10.99 on Steam. If you want to experience it for free, you can download the 7-day trial through the main Black Desert Online website. This will give you a taste of the full game without an invested purchase. Keep in mind this game is free once purchased, so it is not going to cost more than the initial investment.