Die After Sunset Is A Unique Roguelike Third Person Shooter Title

Die After Sunset Is A Unique Roguelike Third Person Shooter Title
Credit: Die After Sunset

Die After Sunset is a unique third-person roguelike adventure from PlayShark and Balanced Publishing. This is a unique and original third-person adventure with open environments, light and shadow features, and uncomfortable horror. This game mixes cute aesthetics with a dark world creating an interesting divide between night and day.

Players need to find the best possible equipment as they try to collect a selection of unique and crazy artifacts. Overcome unique challenges, unravel a mystery, and enjoy the unique world. This game is cute, strange, and terrifying all in one package.

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Enter into a 3D shooter environment where enemies in the dark gain power and strength. Players play as a variety of characters as they take on giant bosses, use power-ups, and enjoy a charming cartoon design that is disarming to the true difficulty of this title.

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Players should enjoy a wide-open setting that is full of equipment, artifacts, and more. To win, players must simply kill all of the enemies and unravel the mystery of the strange Murkor invasion. These beings are nice, cute, and harmless until they are covered by darkness.

Players will be able to play as April Blazestrong , the launch star of this title. As she investigates the interior of an alien ship she will have to fight the monstrous dual-personality. While she needs to find the truth of these monsters, she has only until the sun sets to take it down.

Within the round, players must work to delay the appearance of the boss as much as possible while completing missions assigned in real-time. There is are so many aspects to each round that it can quickly become troublesome.

Due to the random missions, players can expect each game to be completely different. Players can enjoy the unique colorful universe as you fight creatures of unrestrained cuteness and power.

This title has tons of information available on the developer’s main website. For more information, be sure to explore the developer’s social media as they are active in posting content updates.

This game is cute, colorful, and strange. This makes it a great game for players of all ages, especially Fortnite fans as it holds a similar style to that game.

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Die After Sunset is set to arrive on PC and Consoles in 2021. Once the game releases, players have a chance to confront their own fear of the dark in this unique title from PlayStark and Badland Publishing.