Trigon: Space Story Is A New Space Roguelike Coming To Steam This Year

Trigon: Space Story Is A New Space Roguelike Coming To Steam This Year
Credit: Steam XO

A new space roguelike has been announced allowing players to win tactical battles in the vastness of space. Trigon: Space Story is a unique space adventure where players will explore a galaxy of secrets while upgrading and adjusting their crew and ship to their own preference. Enjoy multiple battle systems, crew options, and exploration opportunities in a galaxy of secrets.

Each game will follow a different path as space battles, interactive events, and crew interactions can all change based on previous decisions. Each time players decide to go a different direction in the game, they will fin a new and immersive story waiting to welcome them in.

Enter into a unique space roguelike where you are tasked with becoming a spaceship captain. Lead your crew, make important decisions, and try to win each of the unique tactical battles. As you slowly uncover the mysteries of the galaxy our in you will find more depth and experience in every chapter.

The game’s battle system is unique allowing players direct control over every aspect of their ship. With multiple subsystems at their disposal players must be sure to coordinate well and choose their battles carefully.

Keep in mind the skills of the crew as you send them from position to position. If a team member is good at boarding enemy ships then it might be a food idea to send them over. If they are crafty engineers, then repairs is their job, just make sure to exploit every opportunity to give yourself an extra edge towards victory.

There are multiple ships for players to enjoy from high tech alien ones to human ships with a classic design. It is up to you how you equip your vessel and travel across the stars. Play around with different weapons and find the perfect set up for your style of combat.

Onboard there will be tons of varying moral issues. From loyalty during revolts to wars of words to life choices you must deal with every aspect of your crew. Watch as the game’s universe buffs and debuffs them giving them special passive abilities in matters of increased stress.

With the entire game experience randomized players will have new adventures with every load. Enjoy unique and random encounters as you sail across the stars in your own stolen ship.

Enjoy the unique and deep world that is presented. The aliens and politics are all seen in a believable form allowing for a deep and meaningful roleplay experience.

Trigon: Space Story will release during the 4th quarter of the year for PC on Steam.