LCS – Team Solo Mid Took Down Team Liquid In LCS Summer Split Lower Bracket Finals 2020

LCS – Team Solo Mid Took Down Team Liquid In LCS Summer Split Lower Bracket Finals 2020
Credit: LoL Esports via YouTube

If there was one word to describe TSM and Team Liquid’s five-game series , it’d be “bloody.” The two League of Legends teams fought for a spot in the LCS Summer Finals with TSM narrowly coming out on top.

With this victory, TSM will face FlyQuest to see which team will hoist the LCS trophy and serve as North America’s No. 1 representative at the World Championship later this year. Liquid have earned the region’s third-seed spot after falling to TSM.

TSM kicked off the series with a win, securing Ocean Dragon Soul and denying their opponents the chance to obtain a single drake in game one. Liquid responded with an early tower advantage after securing both Rift Heralds and the first Baron, but constant picks earned TSM a 5,000-gold lead. TSM used this advantage to take the second Baron and Elder buff before closing out the game.

Liquid came back swinging for game two. Jensen picked Twisted Fate to roam around the map alongside Broxah’s quick-footed Hecarim, collecting kills in chaotic jungle skirmishes and side-lane ganks. Liquid ended game two more than 10,000 gold ahead of TSM. For game three, Liquid put Jensen back on Twisted Fate duty and the results were much of the same. The team maintained a 10,000-gold lead throughout the game and put the series at match point.

With their playoffs life on the line, TSM drafted jungle Shen for Spica in game four. At the 42-minute mark, Spica turned the match in favor of TSM with a Baron steal. Much of the praise for the victory went to Doublelift, however, who boasted an 11/1/8 score line by the end of the 50-minute match.

As the series entered game five, neither team showed signs of slowing down. But at the 31-minute mark, Liquid wavered. A failed Baron attempt led to several kills onto Liquid for TSM, who proceeded to siege their opponents’ base through bot lane. TSM later killed the second Baron of the game and wrapped up the series with a final match win.

Doublelift can finally celebrate a win against his old team, while Liquid will return to the drawing board to clean up their objective control in preparation for Worlds. Doublelift got his revenge this match against his former team and secured a spot in the main stage of the World Championship. Team Liquid will have to battle it through the play-ins to make it to the main stage and while they’re favored, upsets might happen.