League Of Legends’ Music Group K/DA Dropped A New Comic Featuring The Most Likely Next Champion, Seraphine

League Of Legends’ Music Group K/DA Dropped A New Comic Featuring The Most Likely Next Champion, Seraphine
Credit: Remus via YouTube

K/DA released the first episode of their new web comic series titled “K/DA: Harmonies”, giving League of Legends fans a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the pop group’s recording process and some of the friction the members encounter along the way.

The first episode, named simply “Akali,” opens with the group in the recording studio. Both True Damage Yasuo and Seraphine are working with the group when the members hit a wall: Ahri wants to rerun the chorus while Akali wants to pivot to another section of the song. The leader of the group eventually calls a break and Evelynn, Kai’Sa, and Ahri leave the studio.

Akali and Seraphine take the rapper’s motorcycle for a spin. After finding a quiet place to chat, the artists talk about an upcoming trip to Shanghai and reminisce about the food they’ve eaten while in the city.

Seraphine approaches the topic of disagreements that can occur when working with other artists. Although this is new territory for Seraphine, an aspiring musician who often records songs from her bedroom, Akali points out how the group’s disagreements and unique voices clash so the members can “find the best version of [themselves].” The K/DA rapper mentions how much she learned from True Damage and how she took inspiration from Ahri’s leadership to bring the artists together.

The two eventually return to the studio, where Ahri agrees to pick back up from a new part of the song. Before the comic ends, she suggests starting with Seraphine’s solo.

Both K/DA and Seraphine confirmed their collaboration yesterday on Twitter, posting images of the five characters together. The rumored new League champion said she would be working with the group for their upcoming album and would be featured on a track.

K/DA made their comeback with the pre-release single “THE BADDEST” on Aug. 27, giving fans a glimpse of their upcoming EP. Fans have also heard samples of Seraphine’s voice and style with two tracks from the artist’s SoundCloud, including a cover of K/DA’s “POP/STARS.”

The group’s first EP will release later this year, although Riot Games has yet to provide fans with an official release date. Based on Akali and Seraphine’s discussion revolving around Shanghai, where this year’s League of Legends World Championship is scheduled to take place, fans can expect K/DA to likely drop their EP sometime around the international event. It’s going to be interesting to finally see the latest champion after so much hype around her.