FlyQuest Completes Their Roster For The 2020 Season By Adding IgNar And PowerOfEvil

FlyQuest Completes Their Roster For The 2020 Season By Adding IgNar And PowerOfEvil
Credit: LoL Esports via YouTube

After using his abilities in the LCK and LEC for the past years, IgNar has decided to try the LCS for a change. He has signed on Monday with FlyQuest to be their new support heading into the 2020 LCS season.

Another signing in the coming days for FlyQuest is the mid-laner PowerOfEvil, who has left the Counter Logic Gaming team recently. He will be announced on Monday/Tuesday in the upcoming week.

Over the past three years, IgNar played on different teams, including Misfits Gaming(EU), bbq Olivers(LCK), and the most recent one Schalke 04. In the Spring Split, S04 finished in seventh place with a 9-9 record; they barely missed playoffs after losing the tiebreaker to SK Gaming. During the Summer Split, S04 improved dramatically, reaching third place in the regular season. During playoffs, they were swept by Fnatic in the third round of playoffs.

S04 had another chance to qualify for the World Championship during the regional gauntlet. They have been swept once again, except this time it was by Splyce and not Fnatic. Fnatic has qualified by points already for the World Championship. Overall, the year was disappointing for the S04 team; even though they improved during the Summer Split, it was not enough, and their bot lane departed for the upcoming season.

PowerOfEvil joined the LCS during the last year as the mid-laner for Counter Logic Gaming. The team had mixed results coming into the Spring Split; they finished in the seventh place, missing the Spring Playoffs. During the Summer split, as a mirrored image of S04, the team drastically improved and had finished in third place as well. The team reached the 3rd place in playoffs as well and had another shot at qualifying through the regional gauntlet.

In the regional gauntlet, they had to win against Clutch Gaming to qualify, who they’ve defeated during the Summer Playoffs for the 3rd place. The team could not replicate the playoff success and lost to Clutch Gaming 1 to 3.

PowerOfEvil played alongside IgNar on the EU Misfits squad in 2017. They have managed to qualify for the World Championship together and almost knocked out SKT from the World Championship, who were considered the tournament favorites.

FlyQuest is looking to be a middle of the pack team with the recent signing. The rest of the squad did not look that impressive in the previous splits. The team has finished on fourth place during the Spring Split and ninth place during the Summer Split. Compared to other off-season signings, FlyQuest is looking to be on the weaker side, but we shall see if we are wrong in our assumptions during LCS Spring 2020.

Stay tuned for more roster changes across the global leagues in the next couple of days.