‘Serial Cleaner’ Is Completely Free On Humble Bundle Right Now, Until November 24th

‘Serial Cleaner’ Is Completely Free On Humble Bundle Right Now, Until November 24th
Credit: GOG.com via YouTube

Humble Bundle is a beautiful entry to PC gaming and offers a smart shop where you can purchase games on sale while supporting your favorite charities.  Right now, the recently released Red Dead Redemption 2 is on sale for 20% off, making the total price $47.99.  On top of offering impressive sales that support charities, they also occasionally offer games completely free.

All this game takes is subscribing to their newsletter, where they’ll entice you with more sales.

Humble Bundle began with offering large bundles of games on a monthly rotation, but they’ve recently also included books, audiobooks, and comics with their monthly packages.  Allowing users to select which package they want while paying as much as they want (with prices determining tiers of the package unlocked) has made Humble Bundle a popular choice for thrifty gamers.

Beyond that, Humble Bundle also offers a monthly subscription for $12 a month that supports charities and includes a curated package of games that is yours to keep, even if you let your subscription expire.  Maintaining your subscription is rewarded with access to the Humble Trove, a catalog of over 90 games that you can download and play as long as you’re subscribed.

This may be gushing, but if you don’t know about Humble Bundle, you owe it to yourself to check them out.

The offered game is called Serial Cleaner, a simple enough game about being a janitor for the mob.  Go and clean up the scene of the crime without being spotted by police.  Developed by Draw Distance and set to a funky soundtrack,  Serial Cleaner is a 70’s stylized foray into playing tag while you wave a vacuum around threateningly.

It was released on Steam for $15 in July 2017, and despite a mediocre Metacritic score that’s frankly well-deserved, the Steam audience has appreciated the funky grooves that this title offers.

The gameplay falls flat pretty quickly into the campaign as you’re desperately attempting to vacuum splotches of blood as a cop waves a stick and chases you around the level.  While the funky bass-riddled 70’s tunes is appropriate thematically, Benny Hill may have proven to be a better soundtrack.

Yet free is free, and Humble Bundle offering a free game is a fantastic opportunity for many to discover the service.  There is a middling sense of concern, however, that some may look at this offering as the standard Humble Bundle fare.

Hopefully, the traffic that this generates will allow users to discover its impressive sale going on currently, and users won’t stop at the free game.