LEC – G2 Esports’ Mid Laner Caps Won The League European Championship Summer Split Most Valuable Player Award

LEC – G2 Esports’ Mid Laner Caps Won The League European Championship Summer Split Most Valuable Player Award
Credit: Riot Games via YouTube

G2 Esports’ mid laner Caps earned the LEC Summer Split MVP award. His performance throughout the entire split was phenomenal, carrying the European League of Legends team from the jaws of defeat multiple times.

This MVP award win comes right before Caps’ final match against his former team Fnatic in the LEC Summer Split finals. Caps is coming into the series quite hot, having received the Player of the Series award yesterday in the close best-of-five series against Rogue.

His win was celebrated by LEC with a two-minute video, showcasing different highlights from the Summer Split. Caps is shown playing four different champions with small clips of his game-deciding plays, such as an important dragon steal against Schalke 04, a dominating performance on AP Kog’Maw, and one of the best Syndra Baron steals the LEC has ever witnessed.

The Danish mid laner has been the star of highlights reels this split, performing phenomenally even in G2’s losses against other LEC teams. His Spring Split lane swap to the ADC role made him even stronger by giving him additional insight on what goes around in the other carry role as well. He looks unbeatable and unchallenged so far in the best-of-five series.

While he did have some rough games in the regular season, no one could seem to be able to match him in the playoffs so far. Recently, another mid lane won this award in LCK, Showmaker.

The 20-year-old League of Legends star won the award with 163 points. His jungler, Canyon, was right behind him with 143 points, while his top lane teammate, Nuguri, had 88 points.

ShowMaker’s victory by a significant margin shows how dominant he was, securing 11 MVP votes over the entire split. He destroyed every other mid laner in the league, which allowed his team to secure a first-place finish in the regular season.

He had a monstrous KDA of 16, with second place being Chovy at 6.3, averaged 0.7 deaths per game, 7.7 assists, and dealt the most damage to champions compared to other mid laners, 561 damage per minute, according to data from gol.gg.

His strong play throughout the split also landed him on the LCK’s first All-Pro team alongside three other DWG players and one from Gen.G. The only DWG player who didn’t make the cut for the first All-Pro team was ADC Ghost, who’s been performing more as a utility ADC rather than a straight-up carry.

ShowMaker played 12 champions in the regular season, showing his flexibility. His most favored champions were Zoe (10 games) and Twisted Fate (eight games). While he picked up other meta champions as well, he always defaulted to either Zoe or TF when they were available due to how well he played with them.