Cooking Simulator Has Released A Pizza Themed DLC For Steam Fans To Enjoy

Cooking Simulator Has Released A Pizza Themed DLC For Steam Fans To Enjoy
Credit: Big Cheese Studio

Players who want to start their own pizza experience can now enjoy the new Cooking Simulator DLC Pizza! This simulation experience will allow players a chance to make some amazing pizzas with all the toppings you can think of. Players will put together unique pizzas as they feed their customers in this unique simulation experience.

This is a realistic cooking experience that will have players using kitchen equipment and completing dozens of different recipes. Master each style and use the simulator to explore all the options involved in creating prize winning meals

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Cooking Simulator challenges players to become the ultimate chef. Take control of a highly polished kitchen as you master over 80 unique recipes. There are a career and sandbox game mode, and the title includes over 140 realistic ingredients.

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As you advance in your skill you can unlock special cooking perks and talents that make life much easier. Learn advanced cooking techniques and deal with a realistic physics engine that wants to put the good into your customer’s belly.

The DLC adds in extra ingredients so players can have everything they need to create a pizza. Choose from different flour types, meats, cheese, herbs, spices, and more as you create the perfect pie for the customers.

Manage several orders at once as you deal with all sorts of different styles of pizza. While some may be common favorites, others are personalized items that give a new definition to custom made.

This is your chance to run an authentic pizzeria as you enjoy three new work areas designed to help players make each dish. Enjoy a stocked pantry, prep kitchen, and an oven area as you work to create the best pizza in the entire city.

In Career mode, players will have to start their pizza business from scratch. Learn from your mentor and take care of extra details as you accept orders and prepare a wide array of complicated pizzas. Unlock new recipes, ingredients, and perks as you try and become the ultimate pizza maker.

This is a great simulation for players of all ages. Do keep in mind that the Pizza DLC requires a copy of the core game to function. While the core game holds to more generic and common food, the pizza DLC adds in an extra focus for players wanting a different style of food.

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Cooking Simulator is available on PC via Steam for $19.99 and has several DLC packs available for purchase.