Cooking Simulator Is Releasing A New Shelter Themed DLC

Cooking Simulator Is Releasing A New Shelter Themed DLC
Credit: Cooking Simulator

Cheese Studio si expanding their popular title Cooking Simulator with a brand new DLC expansion. Rather than adding small changes, the developers are bringing about the end of the world with Cooking Simulator entering a lost fallout shelter. In the new Shelter DLC players will gain a new way to cook while the surface melts away into a barren wasteland.

The world has ended and in this new apocalypse is a barren wasteland with very little resources. Use your skills as you cook with very small amounts of food to create nutritious meals within the end of the world. This is a unique combination of themes as more cooking games don’t take things into a post-apocalyptic setting.

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After wandering the wasteland you have arrived at Sector 12 which needs a new cook. You need access to their radio dish to contact them, so in exchange, you become the main food supply for the district. You will have to manage in bare minimum situations cooking food that would be questionable in an apocalyptic setting.

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Use mutant meat, glowing mushroom, and other nuclear ingredients are all you have. Use these to create a unique world of recipes that you will trade for access to the radio dish. This si a cooking game, but things have gotten much more radioactive then before.

You stay within an underground shelter in the middle of a barren wasteland. Using unknown ingredients, you enter into a cooking experience like no other. Enjoy the immersive story through the campaign mode where you have to use your resourcefulness to contact your family.

Due to being the last chef on the planet, your skills are highly valued by all of those in the wasteland. As you do favors for your neighbors, access special orders, and deliver food to those throughout the wasteland. Once you feed the public, you will finally be able to reach your family.

This is an interesting evolution for a cooking game, but not unexpected by some fans. With more variants being released slowly, Cooking Simulator is rounding out its many opportunities that players can take advantage of.

This game is designed for all audiences and it contains safe content. Cooking Simulator is mainly about the production of food within a strange physics environment. The title even includes a sandbox mode to enjoy without the stress of real objectives.

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Cooking Simulator is available on Steam for fans to purchase.