The Elder Scrolls Online Continues Season Of The Dragon With New DLC Dragonhold On PC/Mac

The Elder Scrolls Online Continues Season Of The Dragon With New DLC Dragonhold On PC/Mac
Credit: Elder Scrolls Online Website

The Elder Scrolls Online has recently released several dragon-related updates. The “Season of the Dragon” continues with the newest DLC Dragonhold, which is out now.

While ESO requires the purchase of the base game and is free to play, ESO Plus members receive more bonuses, which includes Dragonhold. The content is included free with an ESO Plus for no additional free. For users who always want access to Dragonhold, even without being an ESO Plus member, the DLC can be purchased with crowns.

There is also a special Dragonhold Collector’s Bundle that includes new cosmetic items, such as the Legendary Dragon Horse mount, the Legendary Dragon Wolf pet, and five Crown Experience Scrolls.

All users who enter the new zone will receive the Topal Corsair Helmet collectible for free.

Dragonhold marks Update 24 for the MMORPG and comes with some substantial upgrades. There is a complete memory management overhaul, combat improvements, and a rewrite of the “Looking for Group” system. Users should no longer have to wait hours when queuing for Dungeons and Battleground access.

According to the official website: “The Season of the Dragon culminates with Dragonhold, the latest DLC game pack for The Elder Scrolls Online! Venture into Southern Elsweyr, restore the ancient Dragonguard order, and help Sai Sahan put an end to the Dragon threat once and for all. Learn all about the DLC and Update 24 base-game patch in this launch article.”

The DLC includes access to a new zone, Southern Elsweyr, with a brand new storyline. This zone was previously released, but Bethesda is slowly making all of the zones within Elsweyr playable in update roll-outs. Bethesda considers the region similar in size to Clockwork City or Murkmire, which were previously released DLC.

There are also new side quests and delves, including bonus quests exclusive to the “Season of the Dragon.” For those who enjoy hunting treasures over enemies, there are brand new achievements and collectibles to obtain.

Dragonhold marks the conclusion of the Season of the Dragon. After completing the Dragonhold quest, players can continue experiencing the bonus quests before the season ends.

While Dragonhold is now available for ESO players on PC/Mac, console gamers will have to wait until November 5 to play.