Rainbow Six Update: Blackbeard Is Getting Too Good, And Designers Are Thinking Of Nerfing The Operator

Rainbow Six Update: Blackbeard Is Getting Too Good, And Designers Are Thinking Of Nerfing The Operator
Credit: Flamingninja Gaming via YouTube

Craig Benson, aka Blackbeard, might be getting too good, and Rainbow Six developers are closely monitoring his progress.

Ubisoft released the Y4S3.3 update for Rainbow Six Siege, which added some tweaks and changes. According to the patch notes, the operator seems to be too powerful based on his win delta. The power of the operator is “currently on the rise.”

The developers didn’t expect to see such a jump in the win delta, but they are pursuing a few leads. The patch notes revealed that designers are continually monitoring Blackbeard to know if he needs tweaking.

Blackbeard’s background is not what you would expect from an operator. He grew up in a comfortable life with his upper-middle-class upbringing. He also didn’t have a military background. He just decided one day to join the Navy SEALS. However, his ambition speaks volumes about his character. He could have pursued the path of least resistance, go to an Ivy League school, and become the CEO of some company.

Instead, at the age of 12, he started his training and enlisted when he reached 18 years of age. Blackbeard is known for his discipline and doggedness. Aside from assault rifles, Blackbeard is known for his TARS or transparent armored rifle-shields.

Apart from nerfing Blackbeard, designers are also monitoring new operators, Kaid and Nokk. There is a possibility that the two operators will be buffed. For instance, the loadout of Nokk might see some improvement. The recent Pro League showcased the full potential of her abilities. For now, however, Ubisoft is not committing to making any changes. The company claimed that it is too premature at this point.

It’s only Kaid that has a guarantee of being buffed. According to the designers, they are looking for ways on how Kaid can exploit the secondary weapons.

Another change that is forthcoming in the Rainbow Six Siege is the Jackal, another attacker operator. The company said that the Jackal is the priority in their effort to make the game more balanced.

Jackal’s real name is Ryad Ramirez Al-Hassar. Alongside Mira, the Jackal first appeared in Operation Velvet Shell. Players can take advantage of Jackals’ scanning ability and share this information with your team. As an example, a 15-second old footprint is equivalent to five pings, and a 90-second footprint equals two pings.

Watch out for more news and updates on Rainbow Six Siege, which will be published when they come along.