The Fun Cooking Simulator Overcooked Is Now A Low $5.09 Thanks To PlayStation’s September Sales

The Fun Cooking Simulator Overcooked Is Now A Low $5.09 Thanks To PlayStation’s September Sales
Credit: PlayStation Europe via YouTube

The month of September has been pretty great in terms of sales for PlayStation. Major discounts are making some pretty noteworthy games half off even. If you fancy yourself a cooker and wondered what it would be like to cook for dozens of patrons in unique kitchens, then you’ll be happy to know that Overcooked is now just $5.09. It normally goes for upwards of $20, so PlayStation is being very generous.

That’s something PS users have grown accustomed to over the years and a reason why the PS4 continues to sell well even still today. If you haven’t experienced the awesomeness that is Overcooked, it’s a cooking simulator with a co-up design. Up to four players can join in on this cooking madness.

You also have the ability to play solo in a culinary quest. The Onion Kingdom is a world full of diverse kitchens. They’ll present a bevvy of challenges that will keep you on your toes as you prepare a diverse menu. Each level has a distinct challenge or puzzle that you’ll have the pleasure of solving.

For example, you could be cooking on a pirate ship and have to balance yourself while moving to the motion of hostile waters. The next stage could send trucks your way. One wrong step and your patrons will storm out of the kitchen angrily. So while you may repeat some of the same cooking steps, such as gathering ingredients and mixing them, the stages keep gameplay fresh. You never really know what will come your way in the beautifully designed kitchens.

Co-op is where Overcooked really shines. As mentioned earlier, up to four friends can play together where you’ll have to communicate to come out on top. One chef can be gathering the ingredients while the rest move frantically around obstacles to get the right cooking equipment. The kitchen layouts can be challenging at times, but you’ll take pride in mastering their mechanics eventually.

The more you play, the more characters and levels you’ll have access to. There’s even a challenge mode where you go head-to-head with another team. It’s very reminiscent of one of those famous cooking shows you’ve probably seen on television.

Overcooked has a lot of heart and it sets up an even better sequel. If you’re looking to master culinary skills you never thought you had, this game is the perfect addition to your PS4 collection. At just $5.09, this game offers a lot of value.