3DClouds Announces Open-World Game King Of Seas For PC And Consoles

3DClouds Announces Open-World Game King Of Seas For PC And Consoles
Credit: King of Seas via Steam

Publisher and developer 3DClouds has announced their upcoming title King of Seas for PC and consoles. The upcoming game is an action-RPG set in a pirate world. The game is procedurally generated, which gives players a new adventure each time.

Players can explore the world of King of Seas to search for treasure, explore lost islands, and meet new characters. On the seas are battles with ships versus ships. If the battle gets too difficult, or easy, players can adjust the difficulty level.

The main story of King of Seas will have a series of quests as part of the main story. Players are seeking answers, and as they complete each quest and meet new people, they will learn more about the player’s past.

The procedurally generated world is wide open for exploration. In each new game, players can explore a new world. Weather conditions also affect the world. Players who sail through a storm may lose their ship, and strong winds may steer boats off course. The wind could have a significant impact on how battles play out.

A thick fog covers most of the map. As players explore more of the region, they’ll uncover more secrets that may lead to danger or treasure. Since the world of King of Seas isn’t predictable, players will have to ensure their ship is up to the challenge.

There are five types of highly-customizable ships. Players use an equipment and skill system to make their ship more powerful on the seas and in battles against other ships. There are more than 20 skills to choose from in battle, along with three branches of talents. Players can choose the best path for their playstyle.

There are a few additional features to become King od Seas. Special secondary missions will unlock extra rewards, while secret maps will uncover hidden treasures. If players get tired of fighting in battles, they can fish for one of the 30 varieties of creatures that vary depending on the weather conditions.

Trading is another feature players can attempt to get rich from. Each settlement produces unique goods, which can be traded to other settlements.

The Steam page includes a short plot summary:

Cannon shots echo on the seven seas as on the horizon the sun rises on a new dawn of pirates. Drop your moorings, unfold the sails and launch yourself into the heart of the storm shaping your empire. The murder of your father will not be forgiven.

There is currently no release window or date for King of Seas. The Steam page only states, “Ahoy Soon!”