Haven Is An Alien Exploration Game Headed For Modern And Next Gen Platforms Later This Year

Haven Is An Alien Exploration Game Headed For Modern And Next Gen Platforms Later This Year
Credit: PlayStation via Youtube

The Games Bakers have announced that Haven is headed for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, and Steam later this year. This is one of many games coming to next-gen consoles and the gameplay trailer gives a good taste of the adventure to come.

Enter a lost planet as you attempt to escape. Follow the journey of Yu and Kay, two lovers who are stuck on a shattered planet. As you glide over the iconic scenery you will have to unravel the mystery hidden inside the planet as you look for a way to settle down and survive.

This is an adventure about two lovers who are lost in a strange world. Adventure through an RPG game and experience a story about love and freedom. Play alone or co-op with someone special as you travel through a strange planet.

This is a game about survival and exploration. As you travel together you will have to glide over massive plains, restore the planet, and fight the creatures that are hunting you down. All that matters is that you stay together, and stay strong.

Players must play two characters at the same time. Explore together, fight together, and interact between dialogue chains that feel natural and fluid. Fight with the two characters in a real-time tactical game that uses both strategies, instinct and timing.

Enjoy a romantic space adventure as you enjoy a saga of two lovers. Despite all the opposition, stress, and danger these two must stay together and work as once. Glide over beautiful environments and clean the rust as you explore the fragmented planet.

The game is designed to be accessible and immediate in its design. Pause, resume, and allow the game to fit into your schedule. The second player can drop in or out at any time making this an easy to play and easy to schedule game.

The game’s developers have an active Discord server available for fans to talk about this title. They also put out a Newsletter full of information and development updates. Interested fans can wishlist this title on Steam and follow The Game Bakers in their other endeavors.

Haven is set to release later this year. Guessing by the next-gen platforms fans can expect this title to release in the fourth quarter of the year. For more information be sure to follow the developers on social media. This is an enchanting title that is sure to drive fans together for a unique co-op experience.