Journey To The Savage Planet Is Receiving Its First DLC Next Week

Journey To The Savage Planet Is Receiving Its First DLC Next Week
Credit: Xbox via YouTube

Journey to the Savage Planet has been one of the more interesting games of 2020 thus far. It has amazing worlds and alien life for you to explore, but it definitely doesn’t take itself too seriously. Typhoon Studios has done a great job at knowing what comedic direction they wanted to take this game from the jump. The humor just invites you in and makes you want to stay for hours.

So far, the game hasn’t had any DLC. That’s about to change next week, however. The Hot Garbage expansion will cost $8 and will be available on the Xbox One and PC. It’s bringing a new area and enemies for players to interact with. Some notes on the DLC’s story have come out as well, so if you’re wondering what this DLC has in store, you don’t have to keep waiting in suspense.

Kindred Aerospace, your character’s employer, has opened up a new water park. Only, its competitor is dumping toxic pollutants in it as to sabotage your employer’s business. You’ll head out to the park to put a stop to Viper Corp’s evil ways. As we get closer to summer, this water park expansion sounds like a great way to beat the heat indoors.

Given that the waters are now toxic, you’ll have access to all-new gear. Kindred Aerospace wasn’t going to leave you hanging, thankfully. You’ll have your own special set of boots, a jetpack for moving through the air quickly, and a toxic deshocker. That last item is particularly helpful in that it lets you explore toxic areas safely.

It’s pretty safe to assume the developer has put a couple of threatening creatures around this water park as to keep you on your toes. That should make exploring the new area all the more intriguing and memorable. Based on gameplay from the official trailer announcing this DLC, the new area looks very vibrant and diverse.

There seems to be plenty of fun areas to explore. Moving around them should be an even better experience thanks to the new jetpack you’ll have access to. All in all, this DLC expansion seems filled with a lot of great content that’s worthy of $8. If you’ve played Journey to the Savage Planet since it released in January, you’re probably ecstatic to have a new area and gear to test out for some memorable fun. Just make sure you have your toxic deshocker ready.