Some Extended Gameplay Footage Has Surfaced From Journey To The Savage Planet Ahead Of Its Release

Some Extended Gameplay Footage Has Surfaced From Journey To The Savage Planet Ahead Of Its Release
Credit: Xbox via YouTube

There are a lot of anticipated games for 2020. A lot of them are targeted towards the end of the year, but there are also a couple that are just about to launch. One of these titles is Journey to the Save Planet by Typhoon Studios. Everything we know about this game is depicting quite an epic exploration experience.

If you don’t already know, the game is about exploring an uncharted planet as an employee of Kindred Aerospace. Funny enough, it’s the fourth best interstellar exploration company. In this description alone, you get the sense of humor that the developer is going for. It’s coupled nicely with the vibrant planet that you’ll have the pleasure of exploring, where you’ll find all sorts of alien creatures.

The game is set to release tomorrow (January 28, 2020), but thankfully, some gameplay footage has already started to pour in. There’s one extended clip from IGN, in particular, that’s certainly worth the watch if you’ve wondered what the gameplay experiences will be like.

In the gameplay video on YouTube, we see an introduction clip. It breaks down the Pioneer program, which is designed for exploration and discovery. You then are provided details on some of your duties on the planet you’re being shipped off to explore. These include exploring land forms, interacting with creatures, and sending this data back to the lab where scientists can perform tests for further analysis.

Sounds simple enough, right? Naturally, there will be a lot of obstacles thrown your way and that’s where the fun begins. It should be mentioned that this game has co-op, which is perfect if you want to explore the unique and bizarre environments with a friend. You can bet having a partner will help when you run into some formidable alien life.

Once the trailer shows the player outside the ship, we get to see how the mission design will work. Every area will have a set of objectives for you to complete. They’re always different so you don’t have to worry about gameplay getting tiresome. There is always something to do and creatures to interact with. Typhoon Studios has done an exceptional job with the game’s open-world environments as well, which are beautifully illustrated in this gameplay clip.

We then see some interesting creatures that the player comes in contact with. How you approach them depends on their hostile or friendly nature. You’re always kept on your toes because of the diversity of alien life in Journey to the Savage Planet.