Manage A Pizza Shop In The Middle OF A Busy City In Pizza Simulator, Try And Create A Pizza Empire

Manage A Pizza Shop In The Middle OF A Busy City In Pizza Simulator, Try And Create A Pizza Empire
Credit: Steam XO

Gaming Factory has announced their upcoming pizza-themed simulation on its way to console and PC audiences next year. Pizza Simulator will place players in charge of a busy pizzeria and challenge them to manage all the aspects of a pizza business. Coordinate staff, compete with other restaurants and become the ultimate Pizza Master.

Risk everything to manage your pizzeria as you experiment in a safe pizza simulation. Experiment with recipe, design, advertising, and every aspect of your Digitial pizza business. Start from the bottom, and climb to the top of a pizza based empire in the world of Pizza Simulator.

This entire game revolves around running a pizza restaurant. Start with only a few bucks and make enough pizza to create multiple stores and an empire of Italian goodness. Toss, flip, and manage your restaurant as you make each pizza to order and master the art of the pizzeria.

Explore a unique combination of strategy and simulation that mixes pizza creation with economic elements. Take the role of management and start making pizzas in your own restaurant. This game will challenge you to create a functional business as well as creating the perfect pizzas.

Although economics is a factor in this title players’ main mission to create pizzas. Choose from more than 50 ingredients as you create the idea pizzas for most people. Pick the right ingredients to serve tons of picky clients as you meet the evolving and drastically different tastes of every customer.

Eal with the other problems of running a restaurant as you have to solve rats, bugs, shortages, sanitary conditions, tax issues, and even the mafia. You must manage your restaurant professionally to survive the pizza simulation world.

When everything is finally working, compete with other pizza stores as you have to manage your business against theirs. When push comes to shove, do not be afraid to get your hands dirty, and “take care” of the competition.

Make your dreams come true as a business owner and a pizza creator. Become the best franchise and rule the pizza world.

The developer have an active discord community available for fans to give feedback on their pizza dreams. Fans are invited to explore their discord and get to know the development team a little better.

Pizza Simulator is planning to release in 2021. Although the developers are promising a PC and Console release, fans are left guessing which platforms will make the cut upon its official launch.