I’m Hungry Is The Restaurant Simulator Many Are Talking About, Released Today For PlayStation VR.

I’m Hungry Is The Restaurant Simulator Many Are Talking About, Released Today For PlayStation VR.
Credit: Sony

If you have ever wanted to run a fast food restaurant from the comfort of your home now is your chance as I’m Hungry, the fast food simulator, has just been released for PlayStation VR. It has a fun comic book art style that makes it feel light-hearted and fun while still giving you the thrill of meeting customer needs while racing against a clock.

Make fries, hamburgers, and milkshakes in a Vr world full of hungry customers. The game is both stressful and relaxing at the same time and many are saying that it has a satisfying effect as you complete each customers order. Competence is key as the more orders you get correct and quickly the better coins you get as a reward. The coins can be used to upgrade your equipment and better meet the needs of your growing customer base.

Experience an immersive fast-food kitchen using the latest in VR technology. The controller and sensing technique will correct your posture while simulating the fast-food restaurant work. This is a fast-paced kitchen and due to its speedy operation players will be glad to know that their real-world movements will be just as fast in the simulated environment.

As the game progressed customers will as for more random choices and make the job a more interesting and difficult experience. The game comes with two modes for players to experience. Career Mode offers a chance to do various tasks and upgrade your equipment with the money you earn. This is the default mode of the game and will be where most players spend a majority of their time. The other option is Infinity Mode which has an unlimited time span for only the most hardcore players. This will be a challenge as the game gets progressively harder with every satisfied customer.

The game will reward you with a performance rating as you continue through each level. Rewards increase as your performance rating rises and this will add to a higher ranking on the global online leaderboards. You can continue to improve this score and be the best virtual fast-food worker in the world.

The game is already out for purchase and is available on both PlayStation 4 VR. The game does not offer DualShock support but with their system updates, the standing VR systems should suffice for fast paced fast food performance. This game will leave you skilled in the ways of a virtual chef and more importantly feeding the hungry virtual customers.