Magin: The Rat Project Stories Is A Unique Deckbuilding Game Headed To Kickstarter, Prepare For A Strange RPG Style Games

Magin: The Rat Project Stories Is A Unique Deckbuilding Game Headed To Kickstarter, Prepare For A Strange RPG Style Games
Credit: The Rat Project via Youtube

The Rat Project has announced the launch of its new Kickstarter campaign last week. Magin: The Rat Project Stories since then has gained almost 30% of its total goal. This grimdark narrative will be launching on PC and Consoles once it fully launches.

Experience a narrative-driven adventure RPG that is mixed with deckbuilding mechanics. As you experience the linear plot you will find several unexpected twists and turns throughout the game. For a taste, players can try the free demo already available on Steam.

This entire game is presented in a comic book aesthetic will full voice-overs that will make the entire game come to life. All of the game mechanics and RPG features are tied into the world’s unique and dark fantasy setting.

Interact with the environment, investigate scenes, and get a much stronger grasp on the plot of the story. As you maintain a calm composer you will find a heavy emphasis on the emotions of the character itself. Choose a path, follow it to completion, and deal with the impact of those choices.

This nonlinear experience will force forward a cold and harsh fantasy world. Follow main characters through a journey of loss and hope that drives forward in whatever direction you want it too.

The Steam page provides a small glimpse into the dark and strange world. From hard decisions to in-depth discovery of self this game will challenge players to take on a dark world.

Everything grinds upon your soul as the emotion system helps determine your balance and decisions. Every choice shapes your future and changes the value of the decision bar itself.

This clever mixture between a 2D world a card-based mechanics will challenge players for a unique blend of tactics and story progression. Enjoy an immersive story with multiple endings as you exist in a medieval culture mixed with the invention of industrial, magic-powered machines.

The same is planned to release in the fourth quarter of 2021. This all depends on the progress of the Kickstarter campaign and whether the developers can make it to fully funded.

If the game is funded then Magin: The Rat Project Stories will get to see a new existence for fans of immersive storytelling titles. Experience a world full of multidimensional characters in gorgeously decorated atmospheric locations. Experience a cursed fate in a mature and disturbing story that will continue to grow as players progress through each battle and mission.