Toy Train Set Builder Tracks – Toybox Edition Nintendo Switch Launches On November 24

Toy Train Set Builder Tracks – Toybox Edition Nintendo Switch Launches On November 24
Credit: Excalibur Games via YouTube

Excalibur Games has announced the release date for Tracks – Toybox Edition on the Nintendo Switch. The game is a family-friendly title and will launch first digitally, followed by a physical version in early December. Both versions are available for pre-order now.

Tracks is a toy train set builder simulator. The game is meant to mind players of the wooden train sets they might have had when they were younger or currently own. Players can build in a sandbox environment by laying down track pieces, creating bridges, and building towns. The game is easy to pick up for players of all experience levels.

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Players can also enjoy pre-made environments. There are plenty of trails to ride through, from a modern lounge to a Winter Wonderland. Players can choose a pre-made environment and then customize the world with trees and foliage from various world biomes, plus buildings, stations, animals, vehicles, decor, and more. The world itself has customizable options as well, including altering the terrain and fog colors.

The train itself is customizable. Players can choose various color palettes and patterns to make it stand out in the world or choose from more traditional train colors.

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Once the game is complete, players can ride in the train in a first-person perspective. While in the conductor’s seat, players can control the speed and direction while they enjoy the ride.

The customized worlds will provide more sights to see. Players can choose from green countrysides, desert towns, or places with more atmosphere. With customizable fog colors, players can make fog-filled industrialized sites. For those who want something brighter and happier, players can make a vibrant circus to ride through. Boosters, musical bells, and ramps will amp up the fun.

Train tracks don’t have to be a solo adventure. Players can add more complex train rides with junctions or bring other trains on board. It’s all up to players on how they want to craft their train ride adventure. Some of the screenshots show very complex environments with cities, mountains, forests, and even helicopters flying through the sky.

Those who want to follow the development of the game can follow the official game account on Twitter and Facebook. The game also has an official Discord server.

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Tracks – Toybox Edition launches on the Nintendo Switch eShop digitally on November 24, followed by a physical edition on December 4.