A New Game Revolving Around Trains Is Set To Be Release On Console November 14, Create Adorable Toy Scenes In A Digital Living Room

A New Game Revolving Around Trains Is Set To Be Release On Console November 14, Create Adorable Toy Scenes In A Digital Living Room
Credit: Excalibur Via Youtube

Return to a simpler time with wooden trains and wooden people. Excalibur Games creates a digital space where you can play with wooden trains and create a little city to ride them around. Imagination is key, and the only limitation in this train set game is your own imagination of where your train can go.

The game starts you off with a simple wooden train tack that you can twist and turn at will. Once you open your toy box, you will find clocktowers, fountains, vehicles, and much more, allowing you to build a small city around your train.

You can hop into the driver’s seat and ride the rails allowing you to see your creations to scale. This lets you get a real perspective that real toys simply do not allow. Ride merrily through your town and see the people of your miniature civilization.

Like any game that is fueled by imagination, the creators and community are constantly amazed by the depth and creativity that players pour into their worlds. The level of detail in the game brings a whole world of building blocks to life, and riding the train through them is nothing less than a thrilling and amazing experience.

This is another sandbox experience that is making headlines for its simple nature and unlimited creativity. If building a city is not your thing, you can start with pre-made environments from a modern lounge to a night time Winter wonderland. Add trees and foliage from several different biomes to create a world of your own design.

There are tons of boosters, musical bells, and ramps that can make your train set create even more exciting rides. You can even add junctions and multiple trains, allowing for a complex railway system in this simple game.

Choose your starting place from sprawling green countryside to a desert town. Maybe atmospheric fog and industrial sites are your things, or you could create a vibrant circus set up for your train. There are countless options and amazing pieces for you to let your imagination go wild and create the train set of your dreams.

Tracks – The Train Set Game is already available on Steam for $19.99. The console release is coming in just under a week and is set for November 17. It will be available on Xbox One for a similar price. So keep your eyes out for this release if you really enjoy sandbox games or want to revisit the wooden train set you used to have.