New Content At Stake As Rocket League’s Highly Anticipated Rocket Pass Is Back

New Content At Stake As Rocket League’s Highly Anticipated Rocket Pass Is Back
Credit: Rocket League

p has once again announced the highly anticipated Rocket Pass for Rocket League. The event will run starting on April 17.

This is the third Rocket Pass and by all indications, the best so far. A new addition to this third event is the Weekly Challenges. This will enable players to earn extra tiers, depending on how they finish the challenges. The Weekly Challenges will accelerate the tiers earned for the game.

The Rocket Pass is available for both free and premium users. Premium users will instantly receive a 50% XP bonus when they log on to the event. They will have a chance to collect 70 rewards such as keys, a battle-car, and goal explosion.

For premium users for the Rocket Pass, they can win the following items:

– Guardian car (Tier 1)
– Geometry X (Tier 2)
– Slash Beam I (Tier 3)
– 10% Party XP Boost (Tier 4)
– UFO I (Tier 5)
– Hack Swerve (Tier 6)
– Generator I (Tier 7)
– Sparkler I (Tier 8)
– Thunderbolt Guardian (Tier 9)
– 5% XP Boost (Tier 10)
– Force Razor I (Tier 11)
– 1 Key (Tier 12)
– Tungsten (Tier 13)
– Spring Chicken (Tier 14)
– String Streamer (Tier 15)
– Mister Monsoon (Tier 16)
– Abducted (Tier 17)
– Title Contender (Tier 18)
– Slash Beam II (Tier 19)
– Metalwork (Tier 20)

Of course, this goes all the way to Tier 70. If you are lucky enough to make it that far, you will have a chance to win the Guardian GXT.

To get a premium pass, you just log in to Rocket Pass, click on “Get Premium,” then select “Upgrade to 10 Keys.” You can either purchase the 10 keys, or you can use your remaining balance.

Free users, meanwhile, will receive 20+ rewards when they participate in online matches in the Rocket League pass. They will also have a chance to earn Hammerhead Shark Topper, M8 Wheels, and Fireworks Animated Decal.

For those who don’t know, a Rocket Pass is a time-limited challenge that lets you win new content. The Rocket League really made it a point to give new content on each Rocket Pass.

This makes it important not to miss the event because the rewards offered then might not come back again.

Players will get to keep the rewards they earn from Rocket Pass, except the XP boost.

The Rocket Pass for Rocket League will run from April 17 to July 29. You can go visit their website for more information.