Farming And Hunting Game Ranch Simulator Announced For Steam Early Access In 2021

Farming And Hunting Game Ranch Simulator Announced For Steam Early Access In 2021
Credit: Ranch Simulator via Steam

Excalibur Games and Toxic Dog have revealed their upcoming farming and hunting game Ranch Simulator as part of IGNs Summer of Gaming event. A new trailer shows some of the activities players will complete on their ranch, along with some of the hunting that’s required to collect supplies.

Ranch Simulator beings players to their grandfather’s ranch. Once a beloved place, the ranch has fallen under hard times. Players have to turn the run-down estate into a prosperous ranch once again.

The ranch is located on a forested valley, far away from civilization. Players have to put their skills to the test to rebuild the old house and the surrounding farm buildings.

Rebuilding the ranch will also take money. Players earn money by taking care of the farm, such as taking care of livestock. Players must take care of their animals’ basic needs, like feeding and watering them to keep them healthy. Budding ranches can make more profit by breeding them and boost their numbers in herds and flocks. The larger the numbers, the more income players will bring in.

Hunting is also a vital part of Ranch Simulator. The world outside of the ranch is open, so players can hunt for deer and bears. Ranchers will have to be careful not to get into trouble before they take down one of these valuable creatures. Hungry wolves are also out in the distance and put livestock and the player at risk.

The game is estimated to be in Early Access for around 8-12 months, but it depends on the response from the community. The developer wants to build their community in a way to receive feedback on what players want to see.

Ranch Simulator will include the core mechanics upon Early Access launch, including online play. The Early Access version of the game will be slightly less at first but will be increased when the game is officially launched.

Ranch Simulator offers a single-player or co-op multiplayer with up to four players.

Players who purchase the game are encouraged to give feedback on any issues they encounter or suggestions on future content for the game. The developer can be reached through its official Discord server, social media, or the Steam store page.

Ranch Simulator is available to wishlist on Steam now. The game is expected to enter Early Access in early 2021.