Watch Dogs 2 Will Be Free During The Ubisoft Forward Digital Showcase

Watch Dogs 2 Will Be Free During The Ubisoft Forward Digital Showcase
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Ubisoft’s first ever all-digital event is almost upon us. It goes down July 12 and is expected to showcase a lot of great gaming announcements, reveals, and updates.

So far, it was teased that there will be more information on Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Hyper Scape, and the highly anticipated Watch Dogs: Legion.

It was also revealed that during this all-digital event, the beloved Watch Dogs 2 will be free to download. All PC users have to do is use their Uplay account and claim their free downloadable copy. That’s pretty much it.

As it stands now, Watch Dogs: Legion is looking like one of the best installments in the series. The developer Ubisoft Toronto seems to have progressed this franchise in all of the right ways.

So much so — in fact — that it was revealed earlier last year that every NPC will be playable. That just goes to show how much time Ubisoft is putting into this upcoming installment in a beloved series.

Before then, though, those that have yet to experience Watch Dogs 2 will have the chance to claim it for free during Ubisoft Forward. It’s a great strategy from Ubisoft. They can take this time to expand their reach and attract new fans that may not be familiar with this stealth-based action-adventure series.

And considering all that comes included with Watch Dogs 2, it’s a pretty generous offering from the developer. The game was highly praised for its progression of the series.

The sequel features even more approaches to combat, whether you want to take a hacking route and use stealth all throughout the game or you want to be more direct in your attacks.

You’ll get to play as Marcus Holloway, an up and coming hacker that has decided to team up with an elite hacking organization to execute the biggest hack in history. The story is filled with all sorts of twists and turns, and you have the ability to determine how it shapes out based on the decisions you make in the single-player campaign.

The open-world is amazingly detailed and full of possibilities. You can pretty much hack into every device and take control of the infrastructure around the San Francisco Bay Area.

Watch Dogs 2 also has a pretty decent multiplayer experience if you’re looking for additional content after Marcus’ grand adventure. All of this can be yours this weekend during Ubisoft’s digital event. Just keep your calendar marked so that you don’t miss all of this incredible action.