PlayStation Plus Members Can Get Watch Dogs 2 For Just $15 Thanks To Recent PlayStation Sale

PlayStation Plus Members Can Get Watch Dogs 2 For Just $15 Thanks To Recent PlayStation Sale
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Being a PlayStation Plus member comes with its perks. Most notably, you have access to some pretty great deals on a regular basis. There’s always something worth picking up because of PlayStation’s price drops. This month, it’s Watch Dogs 2. You can get this action-adventure game for a low $15. Considering this game’s reputation, that’s one amazing deal.

Even if you’ve never played the original, that’s perfectly okay. The sequel takes place in a different region and features different characters. Watch Dogs 2 — developed by Ubisoft Montreal — is set in the San Francisco Bay Area. This time, you’re a young hacker named Marcus Holloway. He’s pretty good at what he does, but he’s unfortunately convicted of a crime he did not commit by ctOS 2.0. It’s an advanced operating system that connects everyone with everything.

Marcus realizes he’s a pawn in a much larger game, which compels him to join forces with a recluse hacking group. What’s great about Watch Dogs 2 is the open-ended world you’ll get to explore is four times the size of the map from the original. Thus, there are plenty of things to see and hacking to do.

Like the previous Watch Dogs, there are multiple ways you can approach gameplay. If you like the more direct approach, you can simply unload everything you have at enemies. It’s not the most subtle strategy, but often effective. This is particularly true in the earlier portions of the game. You have a bevvy of weapons to use at your disposal, including guns made from a 3-D printer and explosives. You can also hit enemies up close with a melee weapon.

Another approach is stealth. It’s pretty rewarding to creep around enemies and use your superior wit to outsmart enemies. Finally, you can hack your way through this entire game. That’s probably the most popular approach to this game and series in general, as the main themes are hacking. There are so many devices and systems you can hack into, from smartphones to super computers. You can get cars to drive in the wrong direction and even change light signals on a dime. If it has electrical components, Marcus can hack it.

For a low $15, Watch Dogs 2 is worth picking up if you’re a PS Plus member. It’s the perfect way to get used to the controls and go back through the story before Watch Dogs 3 officially comes out. You’ll have an amazing time hacking the planet.