Watch Dogs Legion Asks Fans For Music, HitRecord Will Pay $2000 Per Song And Only 10 Will Be Selected

Watch Dogs Legion Asks Fans For Music, HitRecord Will Pay $2000 Per Song And Only 10 Will Be Selected
Credit: Ubisoft

Ubisoft has partnered with actor Joseph Gordon Levitt’s HitRecord studio for a unique promotion that brings user-generated content into Watch Dogs Legion. This is a chance for anyone in the Watch Dogs community to put their musical work into the game. HitRecord is asking for ten songs to be created, and they are paying $2000 a song.

As with other projects from HitRecord, the songs will probably be made collaboratively in mini teams. One person might write the baseline, and someone else would come up with the guitar parts. As each element is made, they are slowly combined and polished into a final piece. Opening the chance for content creation up to the community means the possibilities are vast.

The money will be split among all the users who contributed, and their names will be placed into the credits. Songs not selected will receive no payment for the work, so fans are urged to make a reasonable effort before submission.

HitRecord will review all the final pieces and ensure each artist is properly accounted for before making the decision. After that, they will decide on how much each contributor will receive for their part and disperse money accordingly. Further information about this process can be found on HitRecord’s site as part of the “Payment Proposal.”

There is then a two week waiting period before anyone can comment on the Payment Proposal. The first round of payments will go to creators in January 2020. This is the chance for many fans to have a shot at digital immortality in the new Watch Dogs Legion game.

HitRecord is looking for main songs in rock, hip hop, electronica, metal, and punk genres. They are especially interested in songs that are related to London in some way. This is, of course, to fit in the game’s setting and make the song’s implementation feel more natural.

Some people are speaking out about the partnership between Ubisoft and HitRecord. Game designer Mike Bithell, who is known for Thomas Was Alone and John Wick Hex, is speaking out against it. Bithell takes issues with the use of spec work, which is labor done for free with the promise of future payment.

“This sucks. Pay people for their labour. Stop exploiting fans and hobbyists, while devaluing the work of those with the gall to actually expect consistent payment for work done. Do better Ubi, we’re counting on you,” Bithell said on Twitter.

This is not the first time that people have voiced concern over spec work. Ubisoft and HitRecord partnered in a similar way when they released Beyond Good & Evil 2. The only reply received during this time was Gordon-Levitt’s response about how many don’t understand how HitRecord works.

Watch Dogs Legion will launch in March of 2020 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. This game is considered one of the more ambitious that is scheduled for next year due to the ability to control anyone in the game. Many are excited about the release, but others have doubts.