Back 4 Blood Is A Spiritual Successor To Left 4 Dead That Still Shows Signs Of Life

Back 4 Blood Is A Spiritual Successor To Left 4 Dead That Still Shows Signs Of Life
Credit: MathChief - The Best of Gaming! via YouTube

Out of all the zombie games to come out over the last decade, the Left 4 Dead series is still one of the most popular and beloved. It makes use of co-op better than most games you’ll find today.

You and three other buddies take on the role of survivors, who must try to defend against waves of the undead. The pacing is pretty fast and in order to survive each stage, teamwork and communication are required.

So far, there have been two games in the iconic zombie-survival series. It seemed like a no-brainer to release a third installment, but sadly, nothing has surfaced. That hasn’t stopped other developers taking inspiration from these games in effort to create their own version of this co-op zombie survival experience.

One of these games is Back 4 Blood — a spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead. Interestingly enough, it’s being developed by the creator of the original Left 4 Dead Turtle Rock Studios.

Not much has been revealed on the project other than the fact that it’s a co-op survival experience where players will be putting zombies back in the ground.

The developer also states that they’re taking some of the successful elements that they’re known for and combining them with some new, next-gen elements. It sounds promising despite how little has been revealed of the game.

Back 4 Blood was originally announced on March 14, 2019, but there have been little signs of movement with the project. That is until recently when the developer uploaded a new screenshot of some concept art.

The graphic shows some sort of worn down fort in the background. Birds are hovering above and there is a sign of hope front and center. It seems like Back 4 Blood will have refuge points for remaining survivors of the zombie apocalypse.

There also appears to be some trenches and spiked fences being used to create a defensive perimeter. The fort is near a bunch of trees as to signal some sort of forest environment. That’s pretty much all there is to go off of at this current time.

However, given that Turtle Rock has decided to share this screenshot, it could be one of many more updates that we get on Back 4 Blood. That’s the hope anyways for interested onlookers.

It does say on this game’s official announcement page that it will be a next-gen experience. Maybe Turtle Rock is waiting until the next wave of consoles gets released before diving into more in-depth details. We shall see.