Back 4 Blood Has Released Its Halloween Patch With New Features And Seasonal Materials For The Spooky Season

Back 4 Blood Has Released Its Halloween Patch With New Features And Seasonal Materials For The Spooky Season

The October patch for Back 4 Blood has started rolling out, bringing a wealth of new features, enhancements, and aids appropriate for the scary season. With the recent release of the Children of the Worm expansion, Turtle Rock Studios is doing its best to maintain interest in its cooperative zombie shooter by regularly adding new features. So it makes perfect sense that the developer would want to do something special for the upcoming Halloween season.

Some players found Back 4 Blood too challenging, and others needed help with the game’s technical aspects upon its release. Despite this, it continues to attract a loyal following. Since then, the development team has been hard at work trying to fix various issues with the game and releasing several large patches with new content, so it’s no surprise that the latest patch has a lot to offer players.

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To begin, the matchmaking system in Back 4 Blood now includes a “No Hope Difficulty,” allowing players to join forces with “hardcore Cleaners.” There are also some visual additions, such as new weapons and Cleaner skins, as well as new sprays and logo, and six new cards, five Legendary and one Fortune.

Since we’re getting near Halloween, this update also includes a unique event in Fort Hope, complete with sweets in the Supply Lines and a Cleaner and weapon skin that fits the mood. Many improvements and issue fixes have been made to the campaign, and there is a long list. The full patch notes are available through the link provided at the end of this piece.

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Despite its status as a “spiritual successor” to Left 4 Dead, many players believed that Back 4 Blood lacked the features that made the last game so well-liked. This led to dissatisfaction upon its release in the latter half of 2021. Although it has yet to earn the same level of acclaim as Valve’s zombie FPS series, the many updates that have been released should keep things intriguing.