Throwback Entertainment Announces Plans To Launch Enhanced Edition Of PowerSlave To PC And Console

Throwback Entertainment Announces Plans To Launch Enhanced Edition Of PowerSlave To PC And Console
Credit: PowerSlave via GOG

Throwback Entertainment has announced its working with Nightdive Studio. Together, the companies will release an enhanced edition of PowerSlave to PC. Throwback Entertainment has also stated that the enhanced version will be “fundamentally different” from the GOG version.

PowerSlave was initially released in July 1996 from Lobotomy Software and Throwback Entertainment. Currently, the DOS version of PowerSlave is available on PC through GOG. Other versions were released of the game in the past, such as a Sega Saturn version and later the PlayStation 1 port, which was based on the Saturn release.

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PowerSlave is an FPS action game that takes place in the ancient Egyptian city of Karnak. Once a thriving city, aliens with horrifying powers sealed off its borders from all outside contact.

The player portrays a covert operations specialist who has been trained to handle all kinds of issues. However, nothing could have prepared the protagonist for what lies inside of Karnak.

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PowerSlave contains twenty levels of action that takes players through the ancient city of Karnak and through the tomb of the Pharaoh Ramses. The levels will require the protagonist to cross bridges and swim through underwater grottoes.

Players start off the game with only a machete. As they progress through the game, they will earn seven additional weapons. They include hand grenades, a flame thrower, an M-60 machine gun, and a magical cobra staff. The protagonist will need all of the tools available to make it through the city of Karnak.

Although the game was released years ago, it still maintains real-time, fully tended 3D gameplay, where players can move between floors within a single level. The dynamic lighting also creates impressive visual effects.

Players who purchase the GOG version will also receive the digital manual and soundtrack in FLAC and MP3 form. Even when players aren’t playing the game, they can continue to enjoy the tracks from the game.

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The game also features cloud saves, single-player, and multiplayer gameplay. However, PowerSlave is only available with English text and audio.

Unfortunately, there is currently no set release date for the enhanced version of PowerSlave. The DOS-based version is currently available on GOG.