GOG Winter Sale Begins As Some Developers Begin Removing Titles From The Storefront

GOG Winter Sale Begins As Some Developers Begin Removing Titles From The Storefront
Credit: NVIDIA GeForce via YouTube

What in the world is currently going on with CD Projekt?

The release of Cyberpunk 2077 is unfortunate at best, but that they actively understood how disastrous the title played on current generation consoles, and actively avoided offering review codes for those consoles so reviewers wouldn’t see that consoles are getting the metaphorical shaft, is a brutally far cry from what many look towards the studio as: a consumer-friendly studio that puts games first.

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Then today, it was announced that Devotion isn’t actually being released on GOG after what CD Projekt stated was messages from concerned ‘gamers’ regarding the title that had a small easter egg making fun of Xi Jinping; because everyone knows we hate easter eggs, and the only thing we might hate more is Christopher Robin’s friend in the woods.

in light of this, now other studios are starting to come forward and work on removing their titles from the platform, showing concerns for past conflicts with the platform that have since spiraled out of control to the current showing of CD Projekt.

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It’s fair to say that, at this moment, CD Projekt is experiencing a tumultuous time that, it should be noted, is entirely by their own hand.

So as they’re beginning the Winter Sale, it’s with a bit of disdain that the community is accepting it, still frustrated with the state of Cyberpunk 2077 and recommendations to refund by CDPR themselves being met with a stonewalling from Sony at the least and now with the apparent falling into China’s cadence.

You can get Prison Architect for free for the next 72 hours, a competent prison simulator that might be a bit on the nose for anyone that has been incarcerated. Also worth noting that the cooperative mode is somehow executed worse than Rimworld’s cooperative mod, but it works well enough for a couple of dozen hours.

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Along with this comes a slew of titles on sale that GOG offers, all DRM-free as the storefront in known for; ControlUltimate Edition is 50% off, along with The Outer Worlds and a slew of other titles that GOG offers.

It should be noted that GOG is still one of the few storefronts that have yet to pull a title from users’ libraries after it has been paid for, so there may be a bit of safety regarding the tumultuous digital rights that users have when they purchase a license.

The current identity of CD Projekt, the Polish juggernaut, is clearly shifting into a new role that some consumers are looking at with concern. The Ship of Theseus is never the easiest conundrum to solve.